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5 Causes of Dog Hair Loss

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5 Causes of Dog Hair Loss


Most dog breeds are often cyclical molt or shed quite often the same. That is the case of normal physiological depilatory and you have nothing to worry about. However, when the dog house you have signs of abnormal molt shed too much for normal, moderate loss or loss of each segment just itching … it is likely that it is a health problem in need of help.

Meanwhile, the main thing to do is, along with its veterinarian to find out the cause of hair loss and select the most appropriate treatments. Here are 5 most common cause of causing disease sheds for your reference.


1.Shedder allergies.


Allergies are one of the most common cause in the dog sheds. Allergies can be caused by environmental triggers such as pollen, mold, dust mites shore, or from parasites such as fleas, ticks cause. In addition, allergies may also be caused by food.

Typical symptoms when your dog is itchy allergy often leads to scratching more than usual, devoured haphazard and of course hair. In the case of flea allergies, It is recommended that the best way is that you should take measures to prevent disease from the outset to minimize threats, prevent fleas spread systemic impact bad dog health.

2.Hair loss due to infectious or parasitic


Any one parasite like ticks, fleas or scabies … can cause you to lose the dog’s bare patchy fur. Along with hair loss around the ears, eyes, abdomen, chest, your dog can also become inflamed, itchy, red skin swelling up … when signs infected ticks or fleas. Dog scabies, poorly outside signs circular sheds or sheds are also free to dermatitis and skin infection, even scaly plaques play hard.

Infections caused by bacteria or fungi, such as ringworm forms, can also cause your dog sheds.

3.Hair loss due to Cushing’s disease


Cushing disease (Cushing’s disease in animals) is a disease caused by the body producing too much cortisol than normal hoocmone. This disease often causes symptoms such as hair loss, dull skin, enlarged abdomen, muscle weakness muscle atrophy game, always craving, always clean drinking water in the bowl … It usually occurs at the age of “middle-aged” and on corruption old puppy. In addition, the disease can also occur on the dog too much corticosteroid abuse.

4.Hereditary hair loss


For some dogs, the molt occurs more frequently and many other varieties are bred due process, because he wanted to create a dog with certain preferred characteristics (eg drag good car, fast, and smart …) where people have accidentally created the undesirable characteristics including enclosed sheds too much, or even the “bald”, patchy hair loss, flowers Posted on the ears, chest, back, thigh, or the neck.

For example, some varieties of many hereditary hair loss such as: Chinese Crested, Mexican hairless (Xolo), American Doberman Pinscher or hairless Terrier, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Greyhound and Whippet Italian.

5.Hair loss in areas of friction pressure regularly


Often the areas under pressure, body weight on top as the elbows, hips … are areas frequently exposed to hard surfaces. body weight and regular friction surface makes the skin in these areas is often scarred, shaven hair fall out and even cracked skin, bleeding. The cause is often seen in the elderly dog as well as the same great, heavy.

5 Common Causes Besides the above, you may also encounter some other causes leading to loss of dog fur, such as sheds lack a certain quality, so too dirty dog’s sleeping area, bathroom by too much or too little.

Thus, understanding the common causes above will help you no longer embarrassed to see his dog sheds too much house. Even, you can make appropriate plans to prevent remote causes to help the dog in the house you have a better health.

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