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How to Bathe Your Cat

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How to Bathe Your Cat.

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To wash docile cat is no easy matter.I will guide people to wash some absolute way for cats offline.before bathing her cat should eat a little. her groom.gently stroking her .clippers to avoid scratching her friend struggled. Cats are very afraid of the cold and colds,you should turn on the heater in the bathroom. Brew a pot of warm water,not to overheat the water as well as cold. proper temperature is 40 degrees.

Began bath

  • Soaked her forelegs,let him adapt to the temperature of warm water.


  • Then slowly drop her into the warm water basin.Should not the first note to her ear and soaked.if the shower spray directly onto certain brother that she would fear.


  • Kids bathing stroking cat,softly whispered words of love.


  • Immediately after showering dry yourself with a towel for you cats.


  • Adjust low temperature dryer to dry cat fur.


  • Or cat picked up the warm sun,to self-licking cat and sun will dry soon.


  • Then grooming for cats.


  • Then little cat food as a reward.


Note:bath soap for cats is professional type. bath once a month should. not so much for the cat bath.

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