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How to Care for and Nurture Kittens

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How to Care for and Nurture Kittens


Hello friends. As you well know, cats abandoned more dogs, more cats digestive system is very weak, his common questions you wonder about the care of the kittens like. So today I sum up this article, based on the knowledge learned and the experience itself. Hope helpful for you.


1.Determining the age of the kittens to facilitate the care:


– Newborn cats: a baby crying limp, wet hair clinging to the body
– 2 to 3 days unopened eye, ear swing, belly, dry hair soft and not a building but can not move
– 5 days <10 days began to open eyes, ears cropped, extracting large, hairy underbelly little or no hands and smaller adults. start crawling.
– 13 days: eyes open but almost opaque, erect ears started out using 4-foot raising the body is dressed

– 15 days starts to cow health, most eyes open but still opaque.

– 3 weeks of age: walking soundly, knowing joke you or your other cats.
– 4 weeks old: running like crazy, playing like demons.

– 5 weeks old, if you wear jeans … crawling everywhere and areca trees are replaced immediately.

– 6 weeks old: this time she will be able to eat t / a completely hard. you should keep the last meal milk until they are 8 to 10 weeks.

– 8 weeks old when she was time to take her to the vet for a medical exam and vaccination. This time the baby is ready for a new home.

2.Heat insulation for cats


– If your baby is only 1: take a warm towel clean towel (by the people through his or inserted in a while to warm) incubated infant wrapped too tightly wrapped remember not
– If two or more babies, then warmed towel to nest for the baby lay. Summers are warm towels may not be needed, but winter and fall, it is very important to keep warm. can use bulbs or their own body heat to warm enough for the baby.

– Drive for baby: you can use foam box (because Styrofoam Thermo very good), carton tray or pot, basket, or anything in the home can take advantage of, as long as your baby comfortably wiggle cow tung and height to prevent your baby crawl out (for infants too young), should be in that little light but relatively fresh air. so to add in one stuffed animal drive.
Towels are clean nest, use white for easy view if that matters. 2 to 3 days to replace once



– Kittens less than 4 weeks to complete milk feeding
– Use milk exclusively for dogs and cats, are available in the veterinary injections. ABSOLUTELY NOT use cow’s milk because of digestive system digest k cat, will cause bloating and diarrhea. Also you can use goat’s milk or milk for babies from the age 0-6thang.
– Cat breastfeeding> 8 times 1 day 4 hours minimum ie 1 times. you can give your baby a bottle of eye drops or nasal straws for kids, or a small pump (pump slowly to the edge of her mouth, avoid choke will lead to suffocation).
after 15 days of life may reduce the number of feedings to 6 times / day after 4 weeks of age and is able to eat your baby.

Own experience: you should place the veterinary, asked for digestives, or enzyme for infants also, diluted, small portions, after feeding finished, given enzyme. This is very helpful for the digestive system of the cat, hidebound and limiting diarrhea.

4.How hygiene


– Kittens are eating milk 5 days to 1 week ị once. Local classified into golden brown, then is normal, even if the assignment is diluted and yellow, baby diarrhea.

– The number of baby pee in the number of feedings. But the problem is that the baby can not pee and most people do not know this. If she does not get help piss it is horrible.
If you just want to pee baby using a clean cloth, wet paper towels or paper gently rub vs genitals to her, she will pee right. You wipe the pee stop until he is given.
Be sure to wash your hands clean before feeding again.
You must do this until they can pee.

– Kittens themselves unable to care for themselves, and because she has no mother, so you have to change the baby’s mother to do all those things

  • Nasal wash
    Healthy cat is a cat with a wet nose and clean, some cats will dry nasal secretion in the nasal cavity. We can text or a tissue swab slightly damp mop to clean.
  • Ear wash
    You can use a wet paper towel to wipe the baby ears. 1 Number of abandoned baby cats very dirty ears. The basic principle that should touch the outer ear, if possible, if you see pus in the ear we should consult a veterinarian for accurate diagnosis. Never use a cotton swab soaked in water or wash solution.
  • Eyewash for cats
    Kittens must be cleaned face every day, especially eye hygiene. Less than 4 week old baby eyes no clear and turbid color. This stage if poor hygiene is very easily lead to eye pain.
    In case the baby has sore eyes (eyes wet, smudgy and jealous) you ask the pharmacy to buy Tetra tube, eye ointment, about 5k alone, the direct investigation into the cornea baby, 1st time, few day off.
    *Note: if they discharge that usually flow continuously and more, have to be careful because she is fever and can carry disease in people
  • Cat bath
    Kittens should not bathe the baby less than 1.5 months.
    Cats do not like water and so we need to get acquainted with domestic cats at an early age. We first dip bath towels or absorbent cotton cat hair, often repeat this action for the cat get used to the water. Cat bath at a temperature of 36-37 degrees Celsius, the water used to wet the back it, do not let the water reached the ears and eyes
    We should use bath soap specifically for cats. When focusing on the bathroom is dirty, use a clean towel to wipe the shower and drying dryers used to dry hair.

5.These issues need attention:


– After a 4-week-old baby was able to eat. But you should also keep milk 1 meal a day for 8 weeks until the baby enough offline.
– Feed your baby fish can be cooked rice or dry beans. Fish is good for digestion but can cause soft stools baby, in this case, you do not worry.
Dried beans should be crushed, or softened, to prevent the baby anorexia can cause kidney stones later.
You can also soak the dried particles combine milk feeding, is also very good.
– Your baby may also be toilet trained and know. You should prepare for baby 1 Brass sand (sort catsan is available at veterinary), by instinct of cats, you just leave the baby in it, 1 2 time she’ll know, just go in there alone. 1 times a day to clean sand is clean
– The cat is allergic to most of the drugs, especially Panadol, though in any case, also k is for Cats drink. Page will cause poisoning and lead to death.

-And one more thing that is extremely important:YOUR LOVE

Whether your baby at any level should also regularly holding your baby and cuddled, little grooming, whispered to the baby (although the deaf child will still feel the baby), baby kissing baby to feel your breath.

I think after reading all this post, you already have on hand sufficient capital and Ken pretty good formula to mothers for cats already. If you were embarrassed for not knowing how to take care of it now what are you still afraid that not pick one adorable baby go on and give love.

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