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How to Know When Your Cat is Sick

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How to  Know When Your Cat is Sick


When your cat is sick, sick or injured him often proved very apathetic, indifferent and did not show obvious signs outside. There will be an important warning to help you identify the health problems of pet cats. They are identified through changes in behavior. And when the behavior change takes place, the owners rarely recognize the signs of this delicate and often attributed to the behavior that is sad or angry with something, someone.

1.The following are potential signs of weakness


– A change in behavior
– A change in the interaction with family members or other pets.
– Strange manifestations of aggressive behavior.
– Increase or decrease in the demand for food
– A change in the daily water intake
– A change in the behavior of its sandbox.
– A change in the amount of urine, urine color or odor of urine.
– A change in the amount of urination, color or odor emitted from manure.
– A change in sleeping position.
– The change in noise reduction increases.
– Change in appearance.
– Being suffocation.
– Increase or decrease in weight.
– Being vomiting.
– The discharge from the eyes, nose, mouth or ears.
– There is a strange smell coming from.
– The trembling uncontrollably.
– Changes in gait.
– Expression of the eyelids fall.
– The external changes in pupil (eg, dilated pupils regardless of lighting conditions how).

2.Pay attention to changes in behavior


You will easily be more aware of changes in the health status of cats in love when you observed blood in the urine or nasal secretions of cats. And more importantly, you should be aware of the changes in the behavior of him, it is most likely a manifestation help you realize that your cat is not feeling well. If your cat does not use bins to stop its sand do not think him being upset with you when you come home late, but it is most likely that the underlying cause of him having other problems health, illness. At that time, the veterinary care that will benefit so many pet cats do not have to endure the pain.

3.Understanding the habits and schedules cats love.


You need to pay close attention to him how much consumption of food in a day, how much water to drink, but drink him, him frequently used his sand bucket … how are you going as soon recognize alarming signs in the health status of the pet cat.
If other members of your family are responsible for the health care for the cats in love, make sure that all information on the health status of him will be notified to you. Young children – who are responsible for feeding cats, cleaning cat toilet sand barrels or even playing with the pet cat probably will not pay much attention to some important changes in the behavior of cats love .

4.Keep in touch with your vet.


You probably would not think of no significance when it comes to your pet cat to sleep more recent or him seem always irritable with any changes in the daily schedule or in deeds usually, common, normal. But I recommend that you discuss this matter with your veterinarian. Early recognition is the initial manifestation of this helps greatly in whether your cat loves to be restored quickly or not, the level of pain that your beloved cats suffer is how well as the cost of care.

If you have questions, concerns related to the change in behavior or health of the cats love, please contact your veterinarian. For more information about health care, sick cat, you can refer to the knowledge in the book “Think like cat”.



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