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Dog’s Fur Shows Something About His Health

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Dog’s Fur Shows Something About His Health


A happy dog is a healthy dog, and a dog have healthy shiny hair, strong. The coat of the dog house you are also one of the best ways for you to understand the health and mood of the four-legged friends. Therefore we need to know your dog’s coat healthy his house was not enough, then scheduled care, grooming and bathing the dog home.

1.Suitable food


A balanced diet rich in proteins and amino acids will provide nutrients to nourish the natural hair structure, helping your dog’s fur to make better. Dog hair is mostly made up of protein, so a ragged coat brittle and can alert your dog no suitable diet. Therefore, you should learn the best foods and the appropriate amount of food for the dog. You should also consult a veterinarian if you want to give your dog food supplement for external use.

2.Trouble with the “uninvited”


The coat is attractive shelter for the parasitic species such as ticks, fleas, and they are very harmful for the dog’s health (this is true with dirt and tangled feathers ruffled). Parasites can cause infections and itchy feeling uncomfortable for the host. Therefore, you must not forget to keep your dog’s coat clean, daily grooming to prevent parasites living, and this is also how the friendship between dog owners and more closer.

3.Headache with the naked


Feathers too much, or more bald spot appears on the skin as a series of warning signs of dog problems. Naked can originate from physiological problems such as hormonal disorders and tumors; it can also be a sign of psychological as soy-plaster or emotional control. While each breed has different degree of shedding (particularly at-season), but too much hair loss and abnormalities can signal more serious concerns related to pet health.

4.Strange smell


You not only pet health monitoring through its plumage by look and feel, but also evaluate your dog’s health through its body odor: the coat should smell fresh as newly bath. A sclerotic coat, smelly, smelly or a sign of bacterial infection, mold, fleas or cause dry skin. You should seek medical dog taken as soon as possible, especially in the case of fur still unpleasant odors after toilet.

Grooming your dog’s healthy and shiny will teach you a lot about how to care for the dog’s health, you should monitor your dog’s diet, the dog fight parasites and understand the mood its. Therefore you should frequent grooming, for dog bathing them and stroked it is a great way to connect, express feelings and your interest to pet it.

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