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Congenital Cat Disease- Musculoskeletal Disorder. Symptoms And Treatment

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Congenital Cat Disease- Musculoskeletal Disorder. Symptoms And Treatment


Loss of muscle tone is congenital musculoskeletal disorders control (skeletal muscle-locking disorder). In the disease, the body immediately bundled them not to be relaxed: so spastic muscles in a short time. If the animal is sick trying to stand up immediately, we will fall.
The sudden impact could be the cause of the phenomenon of sudden muscle, thereby making the animals sick down.
This disease found in goats and more commonly known by the name (fainting goat syndrome), but the disease is also found in dogs and cats.

Cats constantly falling.




The cause of this phenomenon is caused by a mutation in the gene CLCN1, which is genetically encoded voltage chloride channel. The protein encoded by this gene regulates electrical stimulation of skeletal muscle cell membrane. This gene mutation causes both muscle disorder is inherited: myotonia congenita general.



Cats do not dance, run normally, constantly falling.


Based on clinical symptoms, seek electromyogram (electromyographic findings) and muscle tissue pathology.



Some cases do not require treatment, or it can be more dangerous than drug use. However, in case of need can also use some of the following categories to relieve symptoms: quinine, phenytoin, mexiletine and other anticonvulsants.
The disease is not fatal, but when the animal can tighten injury, death.

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