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Fat, lumbering cats. How to help them improve their health and keep fit?

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How to help fat cats keep fit and healthy?


Have you ever looked at your cutie cat and think about his appearance? Is he skinny or fat? Should he do something to get a better body shape to be prettier, or just simply to be healthier? If cats care as much about their shape as humans, then I think some fat ones definitely would seek for exercise and some healthy diets.

But, the matter is that they cannot do it themselves, then, as their owners, you need to acknowledge about how you should feed them and help them stay fit and healthy.

Why Are Our Cats Getting Fatter?

Like human, cats gain weight due to overeating or having improper diets. Therefore, there is no surprise when they have to suffer the same fate .

Honestly, we have to accept the truth that letting them fat is our fault, unless your cat’s obesity results from the impact of an illness on their metabolism. Well, through our cats’ feeding habits, such as: serving bigger portions of food, providing wrong kind of food, too much extra treats or leaving them inactive regularly, we unintentionally create for them an ugly shape and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In compared to domesticated cats, wild cats enjoy a much better life routine. They often roam around, searching for their prey, playing, climbing trees, marking and defending their territory. All these activities do cats a power of good, making them agile and active, and more importantly, helping them burn off their calorie intake.
Wild cats have freedom to be who they really are, cats.

Besides, our cat companions have fewer chances to get out of their living zones, along with the fact that their natural behaviors are restricted, because more and more cat owners decide to keep them inside the house.

When people get bored, they tend to be lazy and eat all the time, and that is when the problem of putting on weight happens. Cats experience the same thing, too.

So, you need to make sure that you have your eye on your companions, and they would not end up their lives being some miserable lazy fat cat, who cannot lift their own body.

Why is cats’ gaining weight dangerous?

A cat cannot be happy and in a good state if they no longer be able to do what they used to do and like to do like: Climbing, running, playing, jumping, chasing things…
They also take the risk of having shorter lives, as they are more vulnerable to diseases such as: Heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, arthritis, urinary infections…

Preventing cats’ putting on weight? Take these advice.

Provide fresh food if you can: Nowadays most cat owners will choose a commercially bought cat food for feeding their pets instead of making fresh food. This is understandable in this fast- paced world, as we don’t even have time cooking for ourselves. However, it would be better if you can serve them with fresh foods, as you can control the calories that cats would take in and the components in your food. Although selling cat food would meet all of cats’ nutritional needs, it contains more calories than their natural diet in the wild.

Assess how much food you are giving them: Feeding them at fixed times of the day is highly recommended. Restricting on giving extra treats and food.
Keep in mind how large a portion should be served at each meal in relation to the size and age of your cat and follow the instructions on the food packaging you are feeding.
Give food based on their living habits: If your cat has little exercise, they will need smaller portions of food. Older cats require fewer calories, on the contrary, an active adult cat needs a large amount of food several times per day.

What sort of food we are feeding them: Combine wet food with some dry kibble in their meals, this will keep your cats satisfied until the next meal. Take notice of the nutrients contained in the food you buy, and give them the best food you are affordable of.


Exercise: Spend playtimes with your cat every day if you have an indoor cat. Make their lives more active and stimulating with various activities like climbing trees or playing with toys. Create an exciting, energetic environment for your cats even when you are away. This will ensure that they burn off any excess calories and will also be much happier leaner cats.

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