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The Hollywood “insane” because dogs

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They often take the puppy out, showing on individual pages or even bring to the stage.


Famous singer Katy Perry and her pet dog promote world tour ‘Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour’ in Los Angeles on March 26 last.


Justin Bieber’s pet dog was named male vocalist Esther boast on Instagram. He also footnote added: “Along say hello to a new member of the family does Bieber”


Star Paris Hilton scandal still renowned as one of the stars of Hollywood “wild” dogs, papazazi regularly encountered her walking with puppy.


“Werewolves” Hugh Jackman also boast two of his pet dog between the snow in New York. His two dogs are named after them His Allegra Jackman Jackman and Dali.


Dimensional monster queen Miley Cyrus jogging with her dog Mary Jane in Los Angeles. In stark contrast to his appearance goose, Miley is a girl who loves animals. She adopted two dogs and one pig scene. When one of Miley’s 2 dogs, dog named Floyd died, the singer’s Wrecking Ball was depressed for a long time.


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is also a member of the “team wild dogs” of Hollywood. He owns a dog breed becgie German Shepard named Atticus.


Muscle star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson take a selfie photography and dog Louie The Beast. Contrary to appearance of all muscular pit, dogs of “The Rock” is pretty small baby.


Actor Channing Tatum and his pet dog to appear on the program of the Fox All Star Dog Spectacular.


Actor of the Amazing Spider-Man must work hard to keep his big dog when walking down the street. Andrew Garfield’s dog of a breed Golden Retriever is he and girlfriend Emma Stone and culture.


Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale have 3 children together but they still add a dog care anymore. In the photo is Gwen Stefani 2 couples strolling along with his pet dog.


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