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Driving the dog is forced to kneel just die die

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Driving the dog is forced to kneel just die die

Two men driving a truck was forced to kneel during the next 1h determine a dog died after they die to it in Shuzhou, Jiangsu Province, east China over the weekend, local portal reported.
According to witnesses, the dog dead two people demanding to compensate 5,000 yuan on, of which the amount is 4,000 yuan to buy dogs and 1,000 yuan is the most nourishing and decided not to cause an accident two people left.


Upon learning that the two men did not have enough money on, they all knelt dead dog began during 1h.
“He kicked the driver in the leg and he knelt down, and the second person to imitate,” a witness named Guan said. Police were called to but all dogs and the driver said they had to agree.

Another witness said that it was very cold outside and her husband tried to convince two people driving on the stand but they refused. An hour later, the dog back, grab carcass and two people on standing up, driving away.
The incident occurred at a crowded intersection traffic. “The poodles from somewhere ran out, surprise to the driver probably did not know what was going on,” one witness said.
The incident did break out discussions on the network, many netizens saw action on the offensive. Some people believe that all dogs should be responsible about their animals died, while others say this person is too overbearing and abominations.
Guoya Yan, a lawyer commented, the work on the immorality and the driver can claim apologize or something to be legally protected legal rights.

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