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What is the IQ Option, how to register and open account IQ Option

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Make a profit plan

Profit maximization strategy

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How to Apply for IQ Option Account – How to Recharge and Verify Account IQ Option Via Visa Card

Sign up for an IQ Option account


“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Investment Ideology – The essence of Binary Option Trading.

The phrase ‘high risk – big profit’ is always true?

The market has only two directions ‘Up’ and ‘Down’. And binary transactional investment is a binary option, ie you are only selected in one of two directions. When placing trading orders, if you choose the right direction, you win and profit, if you choose the wrong direction you lose and lose all the money placed.

Example: You place a ‘Call’ transaction on the EUR / USD currency pair within 60 seconds at the time the order is priced A. After 60 Second, if the pair is priced higher than A, you win both the original and the profit of $ 180, you win. If the pair is less than A, you lose $ 100 of the initial investment, you lose the order.

Investment Ideas for Profits – Is it difficult to trade for profit?

After reading all the documents, how to set up the transaction system and you have set up some necessary things such as:

  • Installation and setup Metatrader4 measurement system.
  • Open a Skrill e-wallet trading account.
  • Open demo account (Demo) at a reputable trading platform.
  • Confirm the real account on the Exchange and deposit the money into the account.
  • Now is the trade to win.

dau tu loi nhuan

Investors need to identify their investment ideas right from the start “you must really have a desire for every successful transaction.”

The main reason that most investors fail is that they think they are not capable of learning properly or applying the techniques and trading strategies properly. That is a misinterpretation.

Even professionals, professors, or high-level investment professionals involved in Binary, Securities, or Foreign Exchange transactions can not be certain that they do the right thing in trading.

In fact, the transaction is simple. The market has only ‘up’ or ‘down’ prices, nothing more.

Issues that investors often face:

  • The biggest problem in our society is having a sufficient income to live comfortably and have a savings to retire. Most people just have a single job down is not enough.
  • Investing in stocks, gold floors, foreign exchange … attracts thousands of people because of great promise, profits seem easy … but only for those who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, most business people investing in the field fail miserably. The only reason is that they encounter misunderstandings about the state of the financial industry.
  • All financial transactions have only ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’. This means that there are only two types of investors. One side ‘Lose’ and one side ‘Win’. Of course, the loser loses money and the winning side is profitable.

So, what do you think you will gain from the most powerful, richest, and largest industry in the world?

You think you’ll be feeding on the ‘sharks’ in this market.

The answer: ‘You can totally’

So the next question? Who are you, what do you have? What is the starting point?

At the end of a transaction, if you get the wrong result, you fail, you have to accept the fact that, the information you received and your method is wrong.

You can buy the investment guide books everywhere of celebrities and follow, do you think you will succeed as they? You study and follow the investment guidelines of the leading financial channels, whether you have success?

At the start of the Binary, every investor was the worst investor in the world. The first time you put $ 250 on a binary trading platform and make a transaction, less than 5 minutes later, you lose money, even though you previously had experience in foreign exchange transactions nor. so bad The fact is that when you lose money someone wins and gets lost.

So it is clear, only ‘be’ or ‘lose’ money when dealing Binary.

Situations that any investor encounters in a binary transaction:

  • When the trading time of a command you place, you are in the ‘Win’ state, then suddenly the market changes direction at the last second and you lose.
  • When the market is good and you measure but you hesitate for a few seconds to change the market situation to make you regret.
  • When you place orders in the direction you expect the market to change direction.
  • Sometimes you go into the wrong order by accident, some time out of the command you win.
  • Sometimes you lose when placing orders you bear the loss.
  • Sometimes you do not know how to trade the way to win more.
  • Watch your investment gradually evaporate in losing orders.
  • Sometimes you encounter a good signal but lingering, hesitant to let the signal pass unfortunately.


  • When the trade loses too much, do you stop and accept losses?
  • The market is always right?
  • Market trading, signals always repeat its trading history?

Never chart the charts properly and completely return the profit for you. Aside from the models there are always pitfalls for investors.

  • The first trap: Set too large trading order.
  • The second trap: gamble by betting.
  • Trap 3: You believe that the market can be knocked over by you.
  • Trap 4: Emotional trafficking.

So what happens if you let those situations recur continuously when you trade? You will be depressed, frustrated, negative and lose a lot of money. And see deals and gambling, black and red.

So, the advice is: Restrain feelings, never ‘get married’ or ‘stick’ to any property at the time of transaction, be prepared to place orders at any time. Never reverse the price trend. The market always happens the volatility it wants, not you want. Do not listen to anyone, including your account manager. No matter what the big deal, only the price fluctuations.

Use simple tools to help analyze the signal:

  1. The trend of the property is your customer.
    Determine the price direction by EMA 20.
  1. The only thing that changes is the price of the property.
    Confirm trading on MACD and CCI

Investment Ideas Profit – The Components of a Successful Trading

  1. Set trading order.
  2. Choose time to finish the order – Make a profit.
  3. Correction of loss order by trading words.

I succeeded after I realized that everything I knew, learned about trading was false, not real, just theory. And I have discovered myself in a way that is completely contrary to all the traditional principles of that book. And no one can teach you how to trade for success, no business or investment secret to share your success.

So, I have researched a lot and shared the successful experience in Binary trading for you to apply and surely succeed only if and when you trade the principles set out.

Principles of profitable investment

I just shared that principle with you, also done by you.

Rule 1: Do not lose any one cent when making a transaction.

Rule 2: Do not listen to any of the Dealers, including the floor.

Rule 3: Discipline is a principle, no emotion.

Rule 4: Immediately correct losing orders until the win and profit. I learned an experience of “getting all of your losses out of the last win and making a profit in that deal.”


After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Or you can simply register by filling in your information below and email to confirm your account!

Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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