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IQ Option Players Phishing Is it right or not?

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”


IQ Option is currently one of the topics of interest to the public. Before deciding on this platform, many people chose to search online, read unread and unbelievable feedback, and claimed that the IQ Option was a fraud, a form of flagellation. silver disguised.

Simply put, the IQ Option is a financial platform that uses binary options to help players benefit 91% – an overwhelming number of people suspect that this is a formality. new type of fraud. So is the IQ Option actually cheating?

Create an account at IQ Option to find out if they are fraudulent or not.

IQ Fraud Option? Gambling disguised or legal financial investment?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, gambling is defined as “betting on an uncertain result.” However, not all financial transactions are like this definition. This may be true if you look at the results of an individual’s trading transaction. On the other hand, if it’s a trading system with a certain perspective, when the source of income is a huge number, then you are the one who makes a profit.

Risk is always with the investment and sometimes it is higher than what you spend. With IQ Option, the investment will be high but risk is always controlled. You will never lose everything you invest, your money will always be useful at IQ Option.

Therefore, it is completely groundless to assume that the IQ Option is fraudulent.

IQ Fraud Option? Some people can not withdraw money in the account

“Why can not I withdraw money?” Was one of the questions many financial investors were interested in when IQ was first traded.

First, we will talk about the process of cash flow. Once you submit the request and the system starts processing, the money will be confirmed and sent to your payment system (bank card or electronic wallet). After that, you will have to wait 7-9 days to cash back to the card.

Second, and also the most important thing is that you should only withdraw money with the same card or electronic wallet was the bank transfer money. And the order of withdrawal is preferred bank card, then new e-wallet.

IQ Fraud Option? A few tips for you when embarking on the IQ Option.

1. Specify before starting any trading platform

What are I trading? If you notice that the trading floor has abnormal signals such as:

– The trading signal is not synchronized with the signal of world trading floor.

– When the market signal is good, you can not place a trading order.

– When the order is over, the order is suspended and if you win, it will not be added to your account.

How do I trade? With financial transactions, when you decide to invest money, you have a clear and reasonable investment strategy. If you do not have one, do not go downstairs because you are and have become a gambler.

2. Read and understand the rules before receiving bonus from the trading platform.

Nearly 100% of the current trading floor has a bonus, but the receipt or not depends on your choice. Amounts vary from 20% to 100% of the deposit. The bonus is so big that some young investors “close their eyes nodded” without paying attention to the rules before receiving the reward. You may notice an increase in the amount of your account, but when you want to withdraw your money, your profit account must be 20 to 30 times the amount you deposit into the transaction.

Therefore, it is advisable for you not to receive bonus bonuses unless you fully understand the rules set out.

Join the IQ Option today because they do not scam you!

3. Have a clear strategy and plan before investing

Developing a trading system, outlining new strategies by enhancing access, learning and expert advice are the ways to get you on the heels of the IQ Option.

In short, IQ Option is one of the trading floors that get the trust of many financial investors. Coming to IQ Option you will have the opportunity to earn the “bar” with extremely high value with simple transactions, fast and without losing commission.

After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Or you can simply register by filling in your information below and email to confirm your account!

Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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