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IQ Option and withdrawal: Frequently Asked Questions

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”


Before making a decision to make a withdrawal, financial investors often have to study and consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of this. You are a newcomer to financial investment and are wondering about IQ Option. Here, we’ll help you with some common questions.

What is your maximum withdrawal and minimum amount?

As a rule, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2 and the maximum withdrawal amount is $ 1,000,000. We hope to bring you the most reasonable choice.

Can I withdraw money when the first profit arises?

Once your first income is generated, you can withdraw money. You are not bound by any of these terms. One of the main operating principles of the IQ Option is to allow financial investors to make their own choices and make decisions. We are committed, your money will always be yours.

How will money be transferred?

If your account at IQ Option has links to your bank account accepting foreign currency, the money will be exchanged by the payment system corresponding to the exchange rate.

How does the withdrawal process take place?

After the withdrawal request is sent, you will see the “Request” status line. When the request is being processed, the status line changes to “In process”. At this point, money will be transferred and paid into the e-wallet system. When the transfer process is over, you will see the status line “Complete”.

When does money come to account?

Once you place the order, the request will be processed within 3 days for normal account and 01 day for VIP account. Payment terms depend on bank or electronic wallet system (within 1 day with electronic wallet and 7-9 days for banks).

Why does the “Complete” status line appear but I still have not received the money?

The status of your request at the “Complete” level means that the money has been verified and deposited into the payment system, the next process will depend on your bank or electronic wallet. Please wait within 09 days to receive the money, if cash flow does not arrive after the above time, you will be provided a transaction code used to pay your expenses.

Where can I withdraw money?

It is important that you withdraw money with the same card or wallet that has been transferred from the previous bank, otherwise the system will disable the request. In addition, the amount drawn is zero greater than the amount deposited on the card (though not limited to the number of electronic wallets). We carry out security measures to ensure absolute safety for our customers.

How to withdraw money from the card?

When you deposit money via a bank card, the first thing to do is to withdraw the money from the corresponding bank card and not be greater than the total amount deposited in the card. The rest of the cash flow can go to bank accounts or electronic wallets like Skrill or Fasabay.



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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

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Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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