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Modification of a Secure Payment Method by Verifying Account IQ Option

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

With the risk of increasing account risk on all exchanges, there are many investors wanting IQ Option to subdivide their assets and apply different payment methods in their accounts to avoid risk. For their property if there are unplanned problems. In such a case, the trader must know the details of the IQ Option verification process so that the payment method and the security of his / her account can be changed in the most efficient way possible.


Why Should I Check Account IQ Option When I Need To Change Payment Method?

As a serious and trusted intermediary on the binary options trading platform, IQ Option strives to establish the strongest barriers to account and asset security for our customers. We also strive to provide investors with the most convenient and easiest way to trade on the IQ Option. Therefore, when you request to change the payment method for your account, the Iq Option is available to assist you – provided you have passed the IQ Option account verification process. necessary. This helps you avoid risks as well as bad scripts that happen to your business processes if the account information is leaked.

Even in the worst case scenario, your account information is leaked, if someone has logged in to your account – they can not invade the funds in your account either. The IQ Option uses a comprehensive account verification process for every payment method that crooks want to use to violate your account.

This means that if someone has your account credentials and makes a withdrawal, they can only withdraw funds using the pre-installed withdrawal method in the account. This means that they can only make withdrawals on your existing credit / debit / E-wallet / bank information, but can not use other bank or credit card information to make a withdrawal. and steal your account.

Why? That’s because when we set up a new way to withdraw money, we always ask our customers to provide accurate personal information as well as to verify their IQ Option account in great detail. The IQ Option Account Verification System is very clear and highly secure, so it is possible to eliminate any risk that someone might steal your property.

Account Intelligence IQ Option – Only One for Each New Payment Method

If you want to change and use a new payment method for your account, you only need to complete the IQ Option account verification process once for each change of payment method.

You need to prepare the following information and provide the IQ Option system to complete the account verification process:

  • A clear image, not blurry, not crumpled capture or Scan ID card valid government issued attached Your Full Name and photo on it. Or you can substitute your ID / ID with your Driver’s License, Passport … Any government-issued ID is full of your ID, Full Name and Identity.
  • An image of your residence certificate (household registration book, temporary residence, temporary absence …) This could be anything to prove that you are actually living in the place you used to register your IQ Option account. Not anyone else of the same name.
  • If you withdraw money with a Visa Card / Master Card, provide a picture of your credit card – both front and back (highlight the 8 digits between your card to secure your account information). This helps prevent money laundering and ensures that money withdrawn from the IQ Option will actually be transferred to the credit card account you own.

You only need to send an email and Scan this information to the IQ Call Center’s inbox – and we will be happy to help you activate the new payment method in the safest and safest way.

IQ Option sincerely apologize if these procedures make you feel inconvenient and cumbersome, but the IQ Option information that we require is absolutely necessary to ensure absolute security of the account. your item.

After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Or you can simply register by filling in your information below and email to confirm your account!

Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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