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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

The BERSI 2.0 trading strategy is one of the most exciting trading strategies used by professional investors in binary options trading on the IQ Option. This article is an email quote of an IQ Option VIP that shares the experience of successfully using the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy, and would like to share its trading strategy with other investors on the trading platform. Hope this article will help and spread the success to you!

Risk Warning: Binary options always present financial risks. Please consider carefully before investing in order to avoid damaging your property.

BERSI 2.0 Trading Strategies

Trading Strategy BERSI 2.0 is one of the methods of analysis dedicated to candlestick charts, explaining fluctuations in candlestick charts to find the trend of price movement on the trading floor. The above is referred to as the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy, but investors can use the analysis of BERSI 2.0 to perform analysis of trend lines, combined with support and resistance levels, or charts. The Fibonacci line is a way to get a sense of price and price movements.

With tens of thousands of binary options traded on the IQ Option, seasoned investors say that even when trading indicators or the strongest signals are obtained From technical methods, there are still unsuccessful transactions. In other words, even the most sophisticated technical business models are not at all accurate and reliable at all.

Sometimes, simpler and more traditional methods of analyzing candlestick trading bring unexpected results, and improve the accuracy of investor expectations on the trading floor. The BERSI 2.0 trading strategy is one such strategy.

Individual IQ Option VIP Investors has been looking for the simplest trading strategy possible, and finally succeeds with the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy with open trading sessions in 10 to 15 minutes. The focus of the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy is the analysis of trading candles, which in particular are the “Sitting Candles”.

Sitting Candles

Now, I will focus on the so-called “candle-sitting”. True to its name, Sitting Candles are taller candles, but short shadows are almost nonexistent. And more importantly, the “sitting candle” must be high and cut / touch weekly trading lines or daily trading platform graph.


Example of “sitting candles”

Did you notice something special on the graph above? Although conventional trading, the consecutive sessions of “sitting candles” will tend to increase – but not, in fact, prices turn back and fall even when the signal of rising expectations emit. strong.

“Candles sit” in practice rarely appear, and often appears with a candle as shown above. In the case of a candle sitting on a trading chart, remember to immediately stop trading, because the price will be abnormal and not follow the rules that you have predicted.

Candles will cut and “sit” on the daily trading line, and this level may be broken, or the transaction price will be able to completely reverse. And by experience, almost the price will reverse with your predictions if the “sitting candle”.

Use BERSI 2.0 Trading Strategies to Avoid Losses

Although it may sound like a theory, applying the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy to a sitting candle avoids a lot of losses with poor investment.

However, the BERSI 2.0 trading with the Candlestick pattern is a good trading method with Weekly IB, but be careful when using this trading strategy on a daily chart ( Daily IB).

Weekly Line Breakout

Weekly breakout is one of the great combinations with sitting candles and the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy, which provides powerful signals that signal abnormal changes in the IQ Option chart. Therefore, when these signs appear, it is best to stop the transaction to avoid losses.


As the case above, the transaction was not performed, because of the combination of sitting candles along the weekly IB curve on the trading graph. The bullish trend is clearly forecast – but in fact the price is reversed and falling down does not follow any rules.

However, sitting candles do not appear regularly, but be careful to avoid losing yourself when there are abnormal signs.

Candle Sitting – The Abnormality of Price Trends

There are more unusual candles on the IQ Option chart, which indicates that the market is fluctuating and trading away from all your predictions. Therefore, the safest way is to finish all your transactions until the price increases fall back in accordance with its stable trajectory.


Of course, if you do a transaction, you are likely to succeed. But experience has shown that in a volatile market, the risk is very high and virtually no risk of loss of wealth. Therefore, to minimize the risk is not worth, investors should try to wait.

Transaction With Bersi Trading Strategies 2.0 On IQ Option

Knowing the rules of the candle and the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy, experienced investors not only stop all trades – but even reverse the price trend to capitalize on the market’s abnormalities and carry on. Great profits for yourself.

The following is an example of an investor using the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy and has been successful


In the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy, when a candlestick and a candlestick appear, the market is expected to fluctuate and the price trend may be reversed from normal. Instead of stopping the trades, experienced investors made the next trading but in a way that reversed the usual trend – and succeeded.

However, we do not encourage new investors to do this, because too risky. Use the BERSI 2.0 trading strategy most carefully to limit the risk and loss of your assets on the IQ Option.

Risk Warning: This document is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be an advice to investors as it may damage your property.

After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Or you can simply register by filling in your information below and email to confirm your account!

Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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