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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

The binary options trading strategy has proved its importance in the success of investors on the trading floor. Having a clear and perfect strategy, investors can fully earn a long-term and stable income for themselves. However, there are many strategies that are too complicated and require too much effort to understand and use, but there are also very simple strategies that investors just need to look at. You can also find out how to trade for success, and earn a return on your investment. Trading Strategies Three Indians are one of the simplest and most effective trading strategies.

Trading Strategies Three Americans Work Effectively on the Market for Recession and Growth

Three Indians binary Strategy is a trading strategy described in the book by famous merchant Linda Raschke. This binary options trading strategy is judged to be quite accurate and effective, suitable for both beginners and advanced traders in the IQ Option. Of course, for those who have had a lot of experience, this optional binary trading strategy shows a more pronounced benefit.

Trading Strategy The three Indians have demonstrated their ability to operate effectively even in times of market downturn or strong growth. With this trading strategy, investors will rely on specific signals from the market to be able to predict the price trend will increase or decrease in the future and decide the direction of trading for their investments. .

Use the Three Indian Strategies on Price Charts

Learn about binary options trading strategies These three Indians, investors may encounter another name like Three Touch, or may confuse the Three Indians trading strategy with other complicated strategies. More like the trading method of Elliott or Hartley.

However, the Three Indians strategy is a reversible, simple and easy-to-use model by simply looking at the price chain chart on the trading platform.

Works best with exchange rates, currency pairs, etc. However, the Three Trees trading strategy is still considered very effective with other asset classes in the IQ portfolio. Option.

IQ Option Trading With Three Indian Strategies

An Indian trader uses this trading strategy and claims that you can be almost 100% confident about the accuracy of the three Indians. So how does this strategy work?

Using the Three Indians trading strategy, first, on the price chart, the investor must identify a Strategic Model with the right shape and rules that the strategy can work most effectively. .

The essence of the Three Indian Strategies on IQ Option

The three Indians chose a model on the chart, where there are three successive price cycles with prices at the bottom of each dip cycle over three cycles (as pictured below). Having fallen continuously and falling to the bottom, then surely, in accordance with the rule, the next transaction will be a trading session with the price increase.

Discount Model

You can visualize and understand this strategy better with the chart on the image below. The three Indians will form three consecutive levels, each with a lower base price than the previous one.

To the third minimum, investors will determine the next trading, the price will increase – and this will be the Buy signal to set a CALL option.


Model for price increase

Similarly, in a bull market scenario, identify a pattern of three consecutive highs with rising prices, and you will be confident that, after the peak of the third high, it will be a session price reduction. Then, put a PUT option and bring profit to you.


How To Use Three Indian Strategies The Smartest Way?

To use the Three Binary Trading Binary Strategy, you can draw a trend line on the chart – the line that crosses the lowest levels (in the case of a downward trend), or the line going through the peaks ( in case of rising price trend).

Then, when the trend line is approaching the third chart – that is the signal for investors to set a trading option for themselves.

Note that, in an uptrend, the trend line will play a role similar to a resistance level – and vice versa in the bearish market, it acts as a support level, and investors can Use this feature to decide your deal on the IQ Option.



The most important of these three Indian trading strategies is that investors must define graphs and models accurately, selectively model the chart in order to find points. bottom / top optimization. If you are proficient, most IQ Option deals can be successful with the Three Indian Strategies. However, if the model selection is not accurate, you are most likely to suffer a loss. So, practice this Three Indian strategy on your IQ Option Demo account if you are not ready yet.

After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Or you can simply register by filling in your information below and email to confirm your account!

Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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