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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Optional binary options on trading platforms such as the IQ Option are dominated by two types of effects: the effects of long-term cyclical market rules and the effects of short-term random effects. . Faced with this, investors must clearly define themselves both business strategy in long-term direction and short-term business strategy. Today, IQ Option Vietnam will introduce to the investor the random-power probability method with short-term trading on the IQ Option, to help investors capture and respond to random fluctuations. Success in your short term trading.

Introduction to Randomness in Transaction

Stochastic fundamental probability is an oscillator that sums up all the short-term random variables and effects in the market, assuming that the economic models are stable and conform to the norm. long term.

Imagine being an expansive sailor on the high seas. Then, in addition to facing the tides that are available and predictable, the sailors are faced with sudden waves. The waves on the high seas are symbolic of the random probability of Stochastic occurred during the trading of investors on the IQ Option.

Although long-run fundamentals are still in line with the market’s underlying rules, however, the probabilities of occurring at some point in the future may push the price level completely out of expectation. investors, and cause huge losses if investors make the wrong decision. Therefore, predicting and capturing random probabilities is extremely important in short-term trading.

Power Play Random Method

The Power Play random probability method with short-term trading on the IQ Option will let the investor know the degree of randomness of the probabilities in the transaction is More or Less.

This method is calculated based on percentages K and% D. In which,% K is the degree of variation of random probability compared to stable market rules – made up of transactional candles and Conversely,% D is the degree of variation of market rules over random probabilities in IQ Options.


With the Power Play random probability, the% K and% D indices are calculated and represented as two graph lines on the histogram, and the investor will rely on the signal as the histograms intersect. , crossing each other to make predictions about price trends in the short term.

Trading Time with Random Variable Oscillator

Probability Method The Power Play uses a variety of trading time frames to determine the trend or market trend accurately. Investors can set trading time frames from 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on the type of trading period you want.

Power Play Simultaneous Trading Tip

Investors use the Power Play random probability method by tracking two Power Play graph lines – one that is trading candlestick and one line is the price line that appears on the daily trading histogram on the platform. IQ Option.

The strongest signal that investors should notice is the time when two random stochastic probability lines move in the same direction and tend to cross.

If two random stochastic probabilities are rising and crossing each other in an uptrend, this means that prices will tend to rise – and investors should buy a CALL option.


Conversely, if the two stochastic random probabilities are going down and crossing each other in a downtrend, prices will tend to fall – and you should buy a PUT option.


Incorporates Long-Term Power Play Detecting Power Play Power Options on the IQ Option

If the candlestick chart trades in the short run and the price line indicates that the short-term and long-term trends are moving in the same direction, then that will be a pretty viable signal for your trading.


In case if the volatility of the candlestick chart is too different from the volatility of the price chart, you have to be very careful about revising your trading decisions, as your judgment may be. Make mistakes if random impacts cause too much difference to long-term prices.


The Power Play random probability method is one of the methods of determining the degree of variability in price levels caused by random effects at a given time. It then looks at the compatibility between price movements in the short and long run to determine the most accurate investor expectations about prices, adjust the errors caused by random probabilities and Helping Investors Be More Successful In The Binary Options Trading Option On The IQ Platform.

Risk Warning: This document is for sharing purposes only. The above business models can help limit the risk of your transaction, but trading options always present a risk to your assets. Consider when choosing.

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

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Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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