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10 Tips for Managing IQ Funds

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Any binary options trading platform gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money, but it will also burn a lot of money if you do not have the right business strategy. . Therefore, to succeed on the IQ Option, investors not only have a long-term business strategy and clear but also need a strategy to manage capital appropriately. This will help investors effectively optimize their capital as well as avoid the case for unreasonable losses. Today, IQ Option Viet Nam will share with you 10 tips for managing capital in extremely effective trading for investors on the IQ Option.

Capital Management is one of the Core Factors

Investors on the IQ Option trading platform do not like losses and risks, but sometimes this is one of the indispensable elements of binary options trading. If you ignore the risks on the trading floor, you will probably fail. Planning ahead and having your own capital management strategy will be the best way to optimize your capital flow and regulate your money flow smoothly on the exchange.

Moreover, in the short term, the objective of investors is to be profitable, but in the long term, most investors are aiming to ensure long-term survival, position and earnings. I’m on the IQ Option Trading Platform. Therefore, the tips of capital management is even more important – just like ensuring the safety of blood flow in the body of a human.


There are a lot of documents that share financial management strategies, sophisticated technical analytical tools to manage your capital. However, when finalized, there are some basic management tips below. Investors should be aware.

Capital Management Tip 1: Quantify Capital Risk

This is one of the basic financial management theories you can find in any document. Simply put, in the total amount you have, define a limit amount that you “are willing to lose” to make a transaction. This is called a reasonable risk capital that every investor should limit themselves.

You can consider risk capital between 3% – 5% of the total amount you have to perform each of your transactions, this is the number considered by experts to be the best – according to sources From the IQ Option VIP.

Capital Management Tip 2: No Quick Deal

Making transactions too fast with too much capital is a common disease among new investors joining the IQ Option. With the mentality of wanting to make money fast and extremely hasty, these investors often put all the money they have to earn huge profits. This is extremely disastrous.

Such transactions often push investors into a series of risks. Remember, dealing with a smaller amount of risk capital that you set yourself, and be careful about placing deals with long periods of time. A safer and more stable profit will benefit your financially than a lot of two risky and uncertain risk companions.

Capital Management Tip 3: Straight Through

Many investors are losing a huge amount of money on the IQ Option just because they have taken a psychological too unrealistic. They think they will be looking for successful deals from our trading platform and get rich quick.


Take a look back at the first step of setting up your capital management strategy: no success is easy and fast. You have to take risks and losses on the trading floor, and of course, you must take measures to be ready to face the financial risks of investing before you make a huge profit from them. .

The fact is, you get rich and get rich quick or not depends entirely on your knowledge as well as business strategy and how to manage your capital on the trading floor.

Capital Management Tip 4: Recognize That You Have Been Wrong

When you encounter a failed transaction on the IQ Option, admit that you were wrong. Of course, sometimes there are some technical or external issues that happen to cause your financial losses, but those are extremely rare. Be frank that you failed because you made the wrong decision when trading.

There are many investors who fail, they never admit that they are wrong, but always blame: bad luck, and better than they blame my IQ Option. to take advantage of their money. That is the psychological shirking of any investor.

However, it is important to look back, because when you do not admit that you are wrong, you will not be able to control the market, fail to correct mistakes in your business strategy, and will pile up more money. The black hole failed. Before continuing the losses, stop to limit losses in the transaction.

Capital Management Tip 5: Always Prepare for the Worst

We can not know exactly whether tomorrow’s price will go up or down – but we have a lot of evidence of price volatility in the past. A careful look at past price signals is one of the most effective ways to judge your future price.

Be cautious when there are any signs that your investment is falling sharply. The downturn of the type of property you are investing may not be repeated immediately, but it has fallen to the bottom in the past, you have absolutely reason to be cautious with the signs of failure. Do not take the risk in times of doubt – it’s one of the management tips you have to remember to avoid serious losses despite investing in any IQ Option property, especially for currency pairs. bad


Capital Management Tip 6: Always Predict Entry / Exit Points

In the process of trading on the IQ Option, before any decision to make an entry / exit order, the investor should have a clear plan of what time and place he / she should execute the trade.

In doing so, investors will be able to calculate the scenarios, find the optimum point to create an efficiency in their capital use strategy, and more importantly, the investor will anticipate the risk. It can happen and limit the financial loss of your transactions.

Capital Management Tip 7: Use Stop Alerts

Stop wasting time is always a valued management strategy, even more important than how to make more profit. Use more of the built-in stop alerts on the IQ Option to make sure you do not overdo the risky transactions, and limit the amount of financial loss to investors even when There is not much time controlling the market.

Capital Management Tip 8: No Deal To “Remove Gauntlets”

At some point, experiencing huge losses, it is inevitable that investors are psychologically risky, trading to “gouge off” the lost. And many investors can not escape this temptation.

That is why a good capital management strategy and follow-up strategy is vital for investors on the trading floor. Even if you lose or succeed, keep up with what you have calculated and outlined. “Punching” and “removing gauze” will only hurt your finances more severely.

Capital Management Tip 9: Take Care With Profit Leverage

One of the advantages of binary options trading is that it has a strong leverage ratio in each trading option. Profit leverage allows you to make a much bigger profit than the money you spend.

However, investments of up to 200%, 300% of the profits are potentially higher risk. So many investors choose to ignore such investments.


An investor with effective capital management strategies differs from ordinary investors: they carefully research high-yield investments, invest time and effort in finding opportunities to trade. the lowest risk – then take advantage of all the super-profitable investment opportunities to collect a huge sum of money for yourself. That is one of the tips of effective capital management not all investors can try.

Capital Management Tip 10: Long Roadmap

Finally, managing and allocating capital on a long-term road map is the best way to limit the financial risk to investors on the IQ Option Trading Platform. Having a roadmap for long-term capital use, the new investor calculates exactly how to allocate funds from time to time to maximize the financial performance of the money supply. This is the core factor that determines the success or failure of a long-term binary option investor IQ Option.

The optional binary options on the IQ Option are not only successful transactions and profits. There are many investors willing to “take risk” to make a profit in the short term, but in the long run, business strategies with smart capital management tips are the only way to sustain success. Sustainability of investors on the trading floor in general, and platform IQ Option in particular.

After reading this article you do not have a IQ Option account, please click on the registration button below to create your account right now.

“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

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Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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