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Role of Factors Affecting Transaction Rates IQ Option

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The Role of Factors Affecting Transaction Rates

Price fluctuations in binary options are always what investors on IQ Option are most concerned about. Of course, to grasp and understand the price trend of the assets that you invest, investors almost certainly hold the opportunity to have successful transactions. So how to capture the fluctuation of the price chain? In addition to analyzing and understanding a wide range of market rules, analyzing the volatility of the factors that affect price levels in trading is also one of the ways investors get to know and understand. more than the price fluctuation.

According to the study, five factors affect the price in the transaction in the most direct and cause the fluctuation of the market price: original price, current price, trading time, variable , and the interest rates of other investments in the market.


Base Price Affected by Transaction Rate Binary Option

The factors that affect the price in binary options on the IQ Option in particular and on all exchanges in the most direct way is the base price. Base price is the basic asset price that you are investing in that is priced in the real market.

If the base price increases on the real market, the closing price of that asset on the IQ Option will also increase, and the buy order (Call Option) will tend to decrease, the order to sell Put will tend to increase.

Conversely, when real market prices decline, the price of the IQ Option closes, and the number of buy orders will tend to rise to take advantage of the price decreases, sell orders will drop.

Knowing how the base price affects the price on the IQ Option, investors will anticipate the behavior of supply and demand, and from there, predict their own level of return. price of investment property.


Fasteners Affect Transition Rates in Transactional Binary Options

The closing price of previous sessions is also one of the factors affecting the price in binary options trading. When the closing price is higher (higher) than the base price of the underlying asset, the binary options are now considered to be more valuable than the normal transaction. Conversely, when the closing price on the trading floor is lower than the base price, the optional binary options of the asset you are investing will not be equal to the market price.

The fluctuation of the price level in the previous session is the factor strongly influencing the supply and demand of trading assets that you are investing on the floor, therefore it is also a factor affecting the transaction price. on your IQ Option. Therefore, pay close attention to the price level in the previous sessions to predict the price of the asset you are investing in future transactions.

Trading Time

As long as the transaction expires, the price you expect in your transaction will be more accurate and you will have the opportunity to make a successful transaction.

As a general rule, in the first 1/3 of the trading period, price movements are not significant. In contrast, focus on two-thirds of the half-time to predict the price of your transaction, which will give you more accurate signals.


The longer the transaction, the greater the value of the transaction. In contrast, the shorter the transaction time, the faster you will have to judge and sometimes “risky” in predicting price fluctuations.

So, keep an eye on the price history of the asset you are investing in. If this is a volatile and volatile asset, the expiry date will not affect your closing price. However, if your assets are constantly volatile and unpredictable, extend trading hours – you will get more accurate predictions for your trading.

Volatility Affects Trading Rates in Binary Options

Volatility in price is the movement of price, which represents the amplitude of price increases and decreases, whether it goes up or down. Price fluctuations in history show changes in actual prices observed in previous trading sessions.

Price volatility in the past is less likely to make investors more predictable and more confident in their trading prices. Conversely, when the volatility is greater, investors must be more careful using more analytical methods to accurately predict the price of property transactions on the IQ Option.

Effect of Interest Rate


Interest rates can have a smaller impact, but also one of the factors that affect the price in binary options trading. In general, when interest rates rise on the market, the financial cost of trading on the exchange increases, so that investors are more cautious about demand for binary options, coaxed by other forms of investment. This is the opposite if interest rates are reduced. And that affects the price of property being traded in the next few sessions. Therefore, investors should consider the interest rate in a correlation as a factor affecting the price in binary options trading on the IQ Option.

Not only are the factors mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the price on the IQ Option, even at certain times may have a direct impact on asset price increases / decreases. which you are investing. Capturing and analyzing these factors, investors will be easier to evaluate and forecast price fluctuations for their transactions.

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