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After Ten Years, Cat Reunited with Family

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All photos: Jennifer Leigh Thompson

Fate sometimes intercedes in ways no one saw coming.  Certainly not Jennifer Leigh Thompson or Pilot. Ten years earlier, Pilot, who had been adopted as a weeks old kitten by the family in 2004, had disappeared in 2007.  Living in the area of Santa Rose, CA, after much searching, hope was lost that he would ever be found. There were lots of coyotes which didn’t bode well for animals that went missing.

“He was not a cat to wander far from home so it was shocking when he didn’t come home one evening,” Thompson told the Sacramento Bee. “We checked the shelters for months with no success. It was a pretty sad time for us.”

In 2010, the family moved to Colorado, adopting four more cats along the way.  When one of them passed away in 2017, the family had a hole to fill. An unexpected phone call brought them news that was unbelievable.  Pilot had been found.

A victim of the Santa Rose wildfires, a Good Samaritan found the cat and brought him to Santa Rosa’s Petcare Veterinary Hospital. As part of their standard protocols, they had the cat scanned and discovered a microchip that lead them to the Thompson family.

While Pilot had some critical injuries due to the fire, it certainly didn’t seem to harm his memory. Thompson felt he knew who she was right away.

“Honestly, I still can’t believe it. It’s surreal. And to know what he’s been through with the fires is absolutely unbelievable. He’s one very determined little guy. And he’s doing amazingly well considering his injuries.” Best reason we can think of to microchip your pets, too.

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