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LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day: Adorable Isabella Wants To Wink At You Forever!

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This pretty pirate is Isabella, an active mixed-breed girl who loves belly rubs and gives lots of kisses!

Available through the Austin Humane Society in Austin, TX, she’s a totally house-trained sweetie who’s responsive to commands and bonds quickly to her humans. She’d be a wonderful dog for adults and older children.

Isabella came into rescue with an eye problem and so the Austin Humane Society — a grantee of the Grey Muzzle Organization — receives funds to to help older dogs. The eye issue has been fixed, and now Isabella always looks like she’s winking at you!

It doesn’t slow her down a bit, though, and she’s ready to be a great family dog.

Interested? Go visit her or call (512) 646-7387 for more information.

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