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Account Confidentiality on Your Binance Trading Platform with Two FA

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Two factor authentication 2FA is one of the most common security features used by many users to secure their accounts. With accounts related to money transactions such as cryptocurrency transactions, the security of transaction information becomes more important and essential than ever. And so, installing the two-factor authentication 2FA to secure your Binance account is absolutely essential.

Features of Two-Factor Authentication 2FA

When setting up two factor authentication 2FA to secure your Binance account, this tool will act as a secondary password (which works concurrently with the system account password that you created) to ensure Your account password is nobody’s guess. There are 6 2FA codes changing every 30 seconds, and no one will be able to access and compromise your trading account without permission. Even in the case of stolen passwords, bad guys can not compromise your account.

Note to Use 2FA Application for Securing Binance Account

Previously, without the two-factor authentication app 2FA connected to Authy, it was difficult to use account security, because Google Authenticator does not allow you to back up your account. This means that, if you lose your device or your phone’s application, you will not be able to access your account.

However, this was resolved when 2FA combined with Authy came into being. Authy can be used to secure your Binance account even on your PC as well as any recognizable mobile platform. This is a very healthy and safe way for you to ensure that your trading account is completely confidential and safe about your money.

Even if you have set up the 2FA application to secure your Binance account with GAuth, you can disable it and follow the steps below to reset your Authy account.

Steps To Setting Up 2FA On Authy

Step 1. Visit and download this app to your mobile device or PC, or you can download the Google Authenticator app to set up.

On the first line, select the country where you live. On the second line, enter your mobile number, then click Submit to send the login information.

Step 2. After downloading successfully, start the Authy application and click the red + button in the middle of the application screen.

Step 3. The application may require you to save a backup password to your computer and to secure your account, we recommend saving a backup password to recover your 2FA account if you have questions. happened.

Step 4. Log in (or sign up for) a trading account at Then, access the downloaded Authy application, and click the “Enable” button to launch the application.

Step 5. Then, a browser like the image below will show up on your Binance platform. Copy the 2FA backup code (in the 2FA backup key line) to a safe place, such as a piece of paper or your diary and make sure it does not lose. You will use this backup code to sign in to other Auth applications and synchronize your information.

Note: You should back up the code Qr-Code somewhere safe because unfortunately the authy data loss now you will not be able to restore the code 2FA

Step 6. On the Authy application, click the Scan QR Code button and scan the QR code displayed on the Binance website. (The QR code will be similar to the code shown on the page.)

Step 7. Enter the 2FA code you received from the application along with the Binance login password in the boxes below displayed on the site and click Submit.

Once the installation is successful, you will receive a notification on your page. With our guide, hopefully you will successfully install two factor authentication 2FAs to secure your Binance account.

After reading this you do not have a Binance account then please click on the register button below to create your account right now.

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