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Binance Scam What Do You Think And Rate Binace Trading?

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You are looking for a truly reputable cryprocurrency trading platform to open your account and conduct your business with electronic money. You read about the Binance platform, but not enough confidence as well as rumors about the Binance fraud. So what is the truth? Is Binance a reliable electronic money trading platform? Let’s take a look at the facts behind the fraudulent Binance information.

General Information About Binance

Binance is a new trading platform launched in the market in July 2017. Built on a state-of-the-art platform, Binance always strives to optimize the user experience, so you can make transactions as simple and easy as possible with the highest return. Created for the specific use of cryptocurrency transactions, Binance has many new features than previous trading platforms. And it’s these new features that make people worry about Binance scam. We will help you learn more about the emerging features of this cryptocurrency platform.

Processing Speed

Has Binance had a scam when they said they could handle up to 1.4 million orders per second? Not at all, this is absolutely true. With the most modern technology platform designed by Changpeng Zhao and his colleagues, the Binance platform has the world’s fastest processing and payment platform. You can verify this by calculating the number of people visiting Binance’s website daily, but still get the quickest transactions.

Binance Phenomenon With Coin Binance Coin BNB?

Today, Binance has its own ICO with the release of exclusive BNB coins and has a lot of incentives for users to buy these coins when trading on Binance. Are you thinking that Binance is scam and want to sell BNB for profit? Do not worry about that, you only benefit from buying BNB only. By using BNB to pay for fees on the Binance exchange you will be entitled to a 50% discount on the amount of your payment compared to using other coin.

BNB is currently one of the strongest and most popular currencies in the crypto market, and the price of the currency will rise dramatically in the future as Binance has a policy to reclaim BNB. . Binance is trustworthy, and always directs the benefits to its customers.

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Binance Security System

As a platform for providing electronic money transactions, security features are always one of the most important features to ensure the safety of customer assets as well as increase the reliability of the system. Binance always encourages and requires customers to use security measures such as enabling 2Features with Google Auth or SMS, or using API security to secure your account. Only if you have fully implemented verification and security procedures will you be able to perform cash-in and cash-out transactions on a large volume of funds. This is one of the very strict terms of Binance to protect the interests of users.

Learn more about how to verify your Binance Trading Account

When you want to change something like a password or change the phone number associated with a Binance transaction account, you must perform very rigorous and rigorous verification procedures, including customizable paperwork. The government issued, photos and writings at the present time … to verify the identity of the account holder. These procedures will help to keep 100% of your personal information secure as well as the amount of money you have on your system. If really Binance scam, you will not be protected so closely.

Transaction Fee On Binance

Another advantage that Binance has is that the structure of the transaction fee is extremely simple. For payments made with regular coin, all charges will be charged at the rate of 0.1%. Compared to the general level, this is a very low fee on the crypto market. For BNB Binny Coin transaction fees, you get 50% discount in the first year, which means that the fee is only 0.05%.

Simple Interface, Maximum Customer Support

If Binance rogue and do not care about the interests of customers, make sure the platform interface was not so simple. With just two basic versions, Basic and Pro, Binance offers fast, handy transactions with minimal operation, even if you have never done any transactions before. money on Binance immediately.

One more feature that makes the user increasingly fond of this platform is that Binance always provides you with the fastest, most timely support 24/7 with our experienced support team. You can send feedback about the platform through tickets, emails, live chat with the support team via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit … or even call directly for advice immediately. All issues related to the platform will be systematically reviewed and solved help you in the shortest time.


As a new platform, Binance has proven its credibility as well as its interests to crypto investors around the world. The belief that Binance is a fraud or just a rumor entirely rely on your own experience. However, Binance always promises that, they will always work hard to bring the best experience for you.

After reading this you do not have a Binance account then please click on the register button below to create your account right now.

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Wish you are a successful investor!


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