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Desperate to make money fast on the Binomo trading platform

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Maybe you came to binomo because you saw an ad that promised you could turn $ 100 into $ 1000 or even more in just a few minutes. and I’m not ashamed to admit that I myself was caught up in that illusion.

Desperate earn money on Binomo
A basic knowledge of binary options, betting that something will go up or down in a fixed time, It really is very difficult? This is the problem I and most people have encountered when starting to enter the market, the casino-style approach (which is a gambling technique ..) we can not imagine the fact that you are hitting. Betting on financial markets … financial markets are ‘chaotic’ – both in terms of theory and reality – you can not predict exactly what will happen in the next 10 seconds, minutes or hours. really very precarious.

So forget about the idea of ​​sitting behind your computer for a few minutes each day to earn a huge income, that will not happen.

The most important thing in business finance is your thinking. This will be the most important tool, along with a solid monetary management system, you really have a platform to retain some of your initial investment.
I will go through them in reverse order; Money management is second important, however, the easiest to explain. You will have an initial investment, and you want to protect it. This means that you should quantify your bets accordingly and plan when you stop if you are not playing well (whether it’s your thoughts or the erratic market behavior). ). A simple monetary management system that I would suggest is never to bet more than 5% of your total funds, and stop when you get or lose a certain amount of money.
When you lose we want to take back the lost money, but you forget that you are feeling emotionally, it will make your head not wise, it is difficult to calculate

Why do I say your mind is important? Because it helps you make the decisions you know are right, keep you from making mistakes and make sure you do not blow your money in a few hours of business revenge. Most people getting into binary options will have a strategy and money management system, but unfortunately few people do that. This will lead to failure, and you will become one of the 99% of binary option franchisees who would have been better off never investing. If you want to get into the binary options, then be prepared to sweat and get frustrated. It is more likely that you will lose the initial deposit, even the second, but if you really want to succeed then you have to keep it. But to become a successful trader, you need to have the discipline to follow the strategies and protect your own money, ready to take the hours and find out, all about it.

P / S: Do not look at the success of others that you want, or try to make yourself better than yesterday

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Wish you are a successful investor!

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