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You need to know the major mistakes made when trading Binomo

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With the desire to make as much money as possible
This desire is motivation. You started the business of Binomo mainly because of this desire. But it’s important to keep everything in check: if the pursuit of profits is at the forefront, there is a high risk that you will lose all your capital.

The major mistakes that greedy traders make are:

  • You can not do that! use all the money in your account for one transaction;
  • Technical signals exist not without reason to ignore the signals of the indicator;
  • Control yourself to execute multiple transactions at the same time in the same trend.

How to avoid this mistake?

  • Keep track of yourself Prepare a trading plan and stick to this plan. Limit the amount of time you spend on a transaction (for example, 4 hours a day), and limit both the profit and the loss. If you go beyond this limit – stop.
  • Performance is just as important as the results of Do not trade, but only about the money, but a good deal.
  • Do not think “I have to double my account today,” but think “Today I want to make a really good deal.”
  • Do not let your calculations fool you. Do not think about profits while you trade, you can think of profits later.
  • Break If you think you want to carry out dozens of deals, turn off your computer and go for a walk in the room. Do something to help yourself forget about it, and when you calm down, come back to the deal.
    What can happen Do not feel regret when you ignore a trading opportunity – there are many other opportunities to come.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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