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You should know 3 things to do before you start trading Binomo

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The brain is responsible for making decisions and this is not the only factor affecting the success of your Binomo deal. Sometimes other external factors affect this success.

What to check before you trade:

  1. Check if the strategy was appropriate for this type of asset and not yet
    Some strategies are only for night trading, and some strategies are only effective for the stock market.
  2. Check to make sure that no one or anyone can distract you
    Ignoring the signals of the indicator is very easy to do – just a little distraction is to make that happen. To avoid this, trade when you are alone with the trading platform.
  3. Make sure no macroeconomic news is available (only if you trade based on news).
    Why is this important? News makes every strategy useless: the market will react to the news. It is not possible to predict the direction of price change with technical indicators.

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Wish you are a successful investor!

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