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How to register Binomo, Money guide at Binomo , how to play Binomo, the most basic step.

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So, you are going through one possible step to becoming one of the most important discoveries in your own life – trading binary options. All that is needed to start your financial career – become a client of a brokerage firm Binomo.


The registration takes only a few minutes, after the deposit to the transaction, you can start trading.

You visit the web address or Click here to proceed to register now

Select “REGISTER” in the menu and fill out the simple online form:

  1. You can register binomo via facebook and google by clicking on the icon as shown above
  2. Please enter your Email and Password, then click “OPEN ACCOUNT” to open account

Step 2: Activate Binomo account

After registering you need to login to your email address to enable your account, then when you deposit into the real account you can trade.

Click on the confirmation as shown above that your account has been activated.

View more: Binomo account activation guide



To trade binary options on Binomo you need to top up your trading account. Click on “OPEN” button and choose one of the options to recharge from the electronic payment system.

Note: Before loading you need to transfer from demo account to real account. Failure to do this may result in a transaction failure

You prepare a Visa card

Select the amount of money to use and remember to use the discount code Binomo you offline.

Fill out the fields in the form of payment, specifying the amount of your financial transaction and information in the payment system, then click “Payments”.

Card number: This is a 16-digit number printed on the front of the Visa
Cardholder Name: You enter the same as the name on your card
Card expiration time: This time is also written on the front of the card
CVC / CVC: These are the 3 numbers printed on the back of the card
The amount you enter will be credited to the transaction deposit account immediately.
Once you have recharged, you can start the Binary options transaction.

Sometimes this time also depends on your bank because I know someone out of the bank asked for the money to refill, the money minus the tk binomo, the bank said that waiting 35 days to resolve it. Because the bank keeps the money you go to suspect Binomo fraud is unfair.


Trading on Binomo is simple.

To do that, in the transaction area on our website you will see a new web trading platform, with a simple visual interface, help you quickly approach and understand the technology of trading.

To create a Binary option transaction:
Choose the property on the market that you intend to trade.

Select the amount of investment.

Set transaction end time.

Predict the direction of the next move of the property and click on the corresponding button for your prediction: “UP” or “DOWN”.

So you have created a binary options transaction, which can be tracked on the control panel located above the trading platform.

By trading through the system and managing the right funds, you can effectively trade the Binary options, and the amount of investment that goes up quickly brings you significant profits.

You can re-invest your profits in the next transaction or withdraw it from the system.


By choosing the right deal, you are sure to make a profit and be sure
would like to withdraw some money from the system.

This is easy to do. Go to “Withdrawal” in the menu;

– Select the electronic payment system needed

– Fill out the electronic form, stating your payment information as well as the amount
you want to withdraw

– Click on “Send withdrawal request”

Money transfers will be automatically transferred to the financial safety department for inspection.

This process takes no more than 24 hours. Once your withdrawal order has been approved, the amount will immediately be deposited into the account you have deposited.

The receipt of the latest Binomo

Video tutorial step by step when you start playing Binomo


After reading this article you do not have a BINOMO account, please click on the register button below to create your account right now.

Join Binomo


Wish you are a successful investor!

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