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Experience bones blood when trading on the floor of Binomo

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Via 400 is loaded up.
And please share some of the bloody experience after a few flashes of Binomo account due to hasty

#1. Every method is risky, but the biggest risk comes from ourselves: hurry and lose. I have loaded 200, played 400, lost 300 and lost what I have achieved, and after 1.2 orders I lost my wrist and burned out. It is true that I am sure you can certainly make money from binomo

#2. There are many methods, tools support but I advise to turn it off, forget everything and things to look at is just look at the market, drop candlestick chart, take the line only. You see the true face of the market. Later you play well then use that but to increase the ability to grasp. Avoid for you basically do not understand what is required to play advanced.

# 3. Experienced, not the same chicken raising pigs that have rich people, some people lose. All thanks to experience. I can confidently say that I am currently guessing the market trend with high accuracy without any tools when trading both

# 4. Over time jumping over the properties traded eur / usd, ltc / usd. I see the eur / usd floor is the least virtual signal and the most true nature. Follow us to demo your doctor via ltc / usd. For real money, try to wait for the eur / usd floor.

# 5. And when you put the order. For example, you compare the peaks of the last two cycles, when the peak 2 is higher or lower than the peak 1, and more importantly, the bottom, which is the current trend of the market. But you rely on the previous cycle. Now for the money, the top 2 is higher than the top 1 you wait for the next cycle at the time you determine the lowest support level call, no one put anything fool put at that time. And the second lower than the top one is the opposite. With this method I make money quite easily, and when the market fluctuates strongly that surfing is eating your mouth.

# 6. Another small thing is quite happy with the way binomo works. Probably because of his vip but put orders to withdraw money 2p after the money back.

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