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Good experience when trading on the Binomo

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I used to knead up to say goodbye to the house because many ib asked the method of punching so I rewrite the profile of what I know.
The first is the recharge, then I see the withdrawal of metal is ok because of fast and light charge. You can load by internetbanking (you use vietcombank loaded in 5p is available and should load before 7g and after 9 or 11g). If you are in tphcm, through Lu Gia 11, Lu Gia area is only one high building opposite the coopmart, the direct download here will not cost you, see Bao Kim website to see hours. work.
In all floors, Binomo is the easiest way to refill your money, as there are many options for you to choose from, as well as withdrawing, it is advisable to withdraw before 8pm on Friday. After that, Vip as well as Standard.
The tactics are custom, you have a lot of tactics on youtube, you go up to the “binary options” there are piles. But overall the tactics are just right when the trend beautiful, the rest is wrong. So it gave birth to two schools for you to choose.

1. You are young, healthy, not afraid of fade beauty, you have good heart, steel spirit, relatively reserve funds, free time, risky adventure you should choose to play Binary. Reason, must sit 5s, 30s, max 15m (ie 5s, 30s, 15m will be a candle). Framing this multiple profits should be high risk so when you choose a trade method you need to strictly adhere to the requirements of the method before entering the order. So you need to have time to sit idle, a steel spirit to not be happy to beat and a good heart to the last 5s it did not run or heart attack died. The advantages of Binary are very easy to play, indicators (tools support), easy to command, without much knowledge because of the short time so price action method, ichimoku, candlestick model is wrong. Floors are also available, as long as the floor is certified by foreign.

2. School 2 is for old people like yourself, lazy to sit long, weak heart, poor blood, then you choose Forex. The method is very much, on Traderviet translation is quite complete and easy to understand the method of foreign (Vnam, not many writers). The advantage of this school is to help the heart and less time spent playing on the frame h1, h4 and d1 is the key (ie 1h, 4h, 1 day it finished a candle). The downside is that mt4 interface is very difficult to play due to too many indicators, look very bored because the whole new day to be a command when the trend is good (in return it has 100 currency pairs for you to spoil choice). This school of youth will not like because it is too complicated to ask you to synthesize more knowledge and experience. The floor is great, but you are advised to choose good floor foreign feedback that play.
In turn, the choice of Binary or Forex is depending on your personality, age, time, energy and money.
The method is never 100% accurate. But you have to choose which method to follow the discipline of the method and must always control your emotions.
The floor is enough for foreign certificates, good feedback is played.
Short-term study on youtube, long-term study on traderviet.

P / S: I’m just a newtrader so there is no guarantee of winning 100% or guaranteed monthly profit.
You just have to remember that if somebody has a 100% winning method and a regular profit guarantee, then people are playing for money, not chattering like they do. And those who hold the long stakes with this game in Vnam and in the world are playing on long time frames because they can not sit from day to day trading.
Therefore, to earn enough money to live, it is easy to make rich as advertised, it is very difficult and rich to be more difficult. Everything has its price


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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