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Binomo Trading Platform How to deal with fear?

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How to deal with fear?
All traders in Binomo experienced fear. The good news is that over time, fear fades away, because you will:

If you understand that price movement depends on something, you will not need to be afraid when the chart moves in the other direction. We have put the best strategies on the web. Study them: this is the best way to learn how to analyze. And do not be too lazy to learn something new about trading everyday! ”

Remember the first day of your first job. Things are vague and unfamiliar. Even if you are well-trained, the practice is still horrible at first. Transaction is the job. By constantly applying knowledge into practice and analyzing results, you will gradually gain confidence.

What else?

  • There will be losses, which is unavoidable. Accept that there will be losses. If you are not willing to accept losses, there will be more fears. And if you accept it as an integral part of the deal, you can turn the loss into experience and increase your profits.
  • Do not invest all your wages, savings are for rainy days, or money apart from shopping for something. Determine how much you are willing to invest in a transaction (for example, 5% of your earnings) without compromising any other.
  • Hold on to your plans. Do not exceed your limits. If you tell yourself that you will not lose more than $ 150 a day, you will not lose more than $ 150. Accordingly, there is nothing to fear beyond that amount.

SUMMARY. Stop gaining knowledge and experience – this will replace fear and give you confidence. Risk monitoring and error analysis. Accept the fact that no one can make 100 profitable transactions over 100.

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