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Compile common questions on the Binomo trading platform

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In this article Binomo would like to summarize the most frequently asked questions about Binomo. This is the most basic but it is also what you need to know when joining Binomo.

1: General questions
What is the binary option?
It’s a highly profitable, specialized financial instrument that allows stocks, easy-to-trade and currency pairs, providing risk control to the point of completion of the transaction.

* More detailed information is available in the Training section of our website.

What is a property (property)?
These are currency pairs, stocks, indices as well as commodities that you can use to trade on the stock market.

What time zone does the webpage belong to?
The time on the platform you set in the time zone that you are in.

Do I need to download additional software?
You are provided with a web-based platform attached to our resources. You do not need to download additional software.

What is the expiration date of the option?
The expiration date of the option is the date and time when the option expires and the amount paid is based on the result of the transaction.

What is the expiration date?
This is the value of a financial asset at the time the option expires. This index is the basis for assessing the profitability of options.

What is the “down” option?
It is an option that is considered lucrative if the price of the property falls.

What is the “up” option?
It is an option that is considered lucrative, if the price of the property up.

What is Time for Expiration?
Time to maturity is the time period in which you can make a transaction involving a moving asset.

2: Frequently Asked Questions about Accounts
Do I need to add funds to my account to register on the site?
The registration on the company website is completely free. You do not need to add money to your account to sign up.

How to register on the company website?
You need to:

1. Fill in all the boxes of the registration form.

2. Press the confirm key.

I have problems with registration. What should I do?
Please contact support through the window of Online Chat or write an email to

What currency can I use to trade binary options?
During the registration process on the website you can decide which currency you wish to open. At this point we recommend you choose between Euro, US Dollar and Ruble.

3: Financial questions
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit required to start trading on our platform is 10 EUR / USD.

How to add money to your account?
To add money to your account You can use VISA and MasterCard bank cards. You can also recharge your account through Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, Neteller, Mobile Commerce. In Kazakhstan can be recharged through the payment system “Касса24”.

How long does it take for a transaction account to be processed?
Adding funds to your trading account is immediate.

How to withdraw money from your account?
Depending on the method you used to add funds to your account, you can withdraw money with VISA and MasterCard bank cards, as well as through the Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, Neteller, Mobile Commerce systems.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from a trading account?
The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your trading account is EUR 10 / USD.

Withdraw money from the transaction account how much?
The withdrawal from your account is free.

How long is the withdrawal?
The transfer of funds to the Customer’s account is conducted within 3 business days following the date of filing the withdrawal request.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?
Dealing with claims is conducted on business days. The average time to process a withdrawal request is 24 hours.

Do I have to show any papers to withdraw money?
The security department has the right to request a scan of a digital photo or digital image of the passport number 1 page, as well as additional documentation (bank photo, photo of the passport held by the passport), to be clearly identified. The details of the bank card and the actual document are those of the withdrawals.

Do I have to pay income tax?
Binomo is not a tax agent and is not responsible for paying customer tax. Find out if you have to pay tax on your transactions, contact the tax office or the national income office of your home country.

Where can I see my transaction history?
This information is located in the “Transaction history” section of the transaction control panel.

What is a bonus?
Tài khoản có tài khoản này bởi Binomo to increase your trading potential. GK is calculated according to the bonuses or promotion programs conducted on the company’s website.

Bonuses may be credited to the trading account:

– as the welcome bonus the first deposit into a trading account;

– as a bonus for a second deposit into the account;

– as payment under a transactional insurance system in accordance with the terms of insurance;

– as a prize for success in the competition conducted by Binomo.

The terms of the promotions and the amount of bonuses may vary according to the company’s current offerings.

Can withdraw money from the account?
You can withdraw bonuses. To be eligible to withdraw bonuses You must make a trade that is equal to the amount multiplied by the multiplier (usually equal to 35, however, the multiplier may vary, depending on the promotion’s conditions). bonus has been added).

The transaction volume is calculated from the time the bonus is credited to the trader’s account. All profits earned by a trader while using the bonus on his or her account will be considered owned by that person and may be withdrawn.

If the trader’s premium account has been added to the bonus without a deposit, he or she also has the right to withdraw both the bonus and the profit earned while using the bonus. In order to do so, the trader should usually make a trade that equals the bonus multiplied by 35. The bonus is 50% multiplied by 40.

You can get detailed information about the bonus and withdrawal conditions from your trading account from Binomo Customer Support.

What is the Maximum Deposit Amount?
The maximum deposit amount is USD 10000 / EUR.

3: Questions related to Binomo transactions
What is the Maximum Investment Amount?
The maximum amount of money allowed to invest in an option is 1 000 EUR / USD.

What is the Minimum Investment Amount?
The minimum amount of money allowed to invest in an option is EUR 1 / USD.

How to Choose Binary Options?
To do that, you just select a financial asset, set the expiration time of the transaction, fill in the investment amount, predict the price movement direction, and hit the corresponding key (“up” or “down” ).

Can I Track the Right to Buy?
You can track all transactions opened on the control panel located above the trading counter.

Can I view the history of all selectable transactions?
You can view data on all of the options you have purchased in the “Transaction history” section.

How to check a transaction?
All transaction data is stored in real time on Binomo’s servers. The information includes the name of the selected property, the open and closing price as well as the opening and closing time of the contract. Company customers can see this information in their transaction history. In the event of a dispute, the broker may at the request of the client compare his or her data with the supplier’s data for re-examination. Information about the results of the re-examination will be received no later than 72 hours after submission of the re-examination request. Customers will be notified of the results of the re-inspection.

Why Binomo quote may differ from the price on the Forex or other price?
The price of binary options is set according to the average demand and supply formula. On Forex the price of supply and demand may vary. In addition, prices may vary due to their being sent from different sources (Reuters, Bloomberg and other resources). The above sources may receive information from dozens or even hundreds of other banks. As such, the quote on the Binomo trading platform may not match the price of the trading platform and other sources with accuracy to a point.

Does the company have a certificate issued by the regulator?
Binomo’s operations are regulated by the Russian Securities Market Regulatory Center (RU 0395 AA Vv0092). The company is currently receiving licenses from CySEC and CPO.



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Wish you are a successful investor!


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