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The issue of withdrawals and trading methods on the trading platform Binomo

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Today I will post up here for the questions that you follow Because I still trade and then work income outside the rest time … so can not rep for more than 50 message sent .
I will provide the basic solution to your questions

  1. There are many doctors asking “I’m new to this field, new to learn and have not invested and need help” TL: if you are new to this field and are familiar with it, then study on the demo platform. capture the market and signal relatively so that when ordered on the demo tk see a little effective avoiding the unknown did invest money lost money
  2. Many questions about the withdrawal, the answer: Fast visa ok but visa withdrawal if the tard Stardard order processing 3-5 days to Gold, Vip time but the advice for the doctor should create a jewelery tk for fast withdrawing. If you make an ATM card to link with a jeweler, you should choose Vietcombank, Viettinbank, DongA, ACB, maritimebank, etc …. (limit card Sacombank, agribank if available, 7 for fast. I myself was not familiar with the sacombank so it is difficult to withdraw 24/7 so I also choose to withdraw quickly in the day
  3. Many traders ask the trade method, the answer: PP trade Capital management is the main force, instead of investing more, keep the capital firmly, that is, have a relatively profitable retreat do not think the market delicious Eat more money and then get back to earn more (it will be a lot of risk if the pro they know how to handle that risky situation) keep a cool head, rejuvenate emotions . The profit will be profitable for a short time! Parallel with Capital Management is Matilgage. And just Matilgage, when you’ve learned in depth about a support, indicator, and 2-3 indicators that signal the same trend, but take the time to look at the market and invest firmly instead. Place orders in succession per minute.
  4. You are like friends and family, work outside the relationship ,,,, etc. so I can not sit rep for each doctor but if you need basic materials about Binomo then you are available Please drop a few minutes mailed to you!



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