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The 3 principles of GOLD when you trade on Binomo

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Here are 3 principles GOLD to join Binomo that you read on the page support Binomo you refer to offline.


The first rule you need to know when joining the binomodal binomial option is that the investment for each transaction should never exceed 5% of your total asset value. Never more than 5%.

The second rule is not to place orders when there is a sudden price fluctuation, whether prices rise or fall. Since it is at the time of price adjustment, the market instability, variability increase is very difficult to guess. Many of you see the price increase / decrease suddenly with large amplitude, the inertia will place trading orders.

The third rule is never to place two opposing directions at the same time, such as blocking on the lower block, taking the middle, with the intention that the cursor ends in the middle to feed two transactions. However, if you set that, then you reduce your odds to 33%. Because the cursor ends up or down, you have holes even if the hole is less than 2 to lose 0.2. Remember, the hole is also a hole, do not yourself hurt you.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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