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4 How to Build a Trading Strategy on the Binomo Trading Platform

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How to build trading strategies for new trade, or old trade is not profitable nhé:
There are too many strategies out there for those who are ahead. Therefore, many new investors have difficulty in applying the old strategies. For this reason, new investors often look at the factors to develop and develop their own strategies to ensure both the need for investment and the return they bring to the binary options.

1. Select the transaction time:
One of the first factors to consider is the time frame of the transaction. It is more important than what type of property you will trade. You must outline the time frame of the transaction in the most specific way.

Choosing a time frame depends on many factors. What kind of asset do you want to invest, how much time do you want to spend in a day to trade? Can you keep up with the movement of trading indicators in a short time? What economic events can occur during trading? All of these questions must be resolved before you give the final time frame.

2. Trading assets:
The next option in building your strategy is to decide on your deal properties. You have a solid foundation on what kind of property, list it out. If you have a stock market understanding (can explain the income statement), you should invest in it. Or you have a broad understanding of macroeconomics, you focus on the currency. There are many factors that have a particular impact on each type of asset, so understanding of the economy, of investment assets is important.

3. Technical analysis or fundamental analysis?
Once you have decided on the trader’s assets and time frame, you need to determine your prediction of the price trend. To do this, investors often analyze the basics (economic report study) or technical analysis (chart), even a combination of both. If you have a lot of skills in the areas of math and probability, you will probably be more suited to technical analysis. But if you analyze the market data, you will evaluate the trend of the market more accurately and clearly.

Most investors combine these two types of analysis: waiting for a major economic event to determine an overall trend (price can move up or down), and then use the differential Technical charts to determine the exact price to trade. This helps to be more successful due to the support of economic data and asset valuations.

4. Test new strategies
Once the signs and procedures are in place for your strategy, investors need to test them. The simplest way is to use a demo account and wait patiently for signals to see if your transaction will succeed or fail. If you can not wait, try applying them to past data to see how much of your strategy is right.

In addition to this, investors can also use real account to test by tracking their own transactions. This is also something that investors should do with any strategy to ensure that the strategy is feasible and profitable and identify improvements as soon as it is inaccurate.

Want to be an active investor with higher returns and risk, or do you want to approach more carefully (expanding your trading time frame)? That depends on the process of building your own strategy. So focus on it with the psychological comfort, confident you will soon succeed.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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