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5 major mistakes when you start trading on Binomo

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Hello. I just received Binomo Email sent to the title “5 major mistakes of new entrepreneurs”. I read and found this very true with new players. Read and write experience for yourself offline.

Five major mistakes when playing Binomo.
Inadequate training. When people are new to the financial world, they want to start acting as soon as possible without going into deep detail. But money is not tolerated. We recommend that you study some strategies to understand how the quotes change, test them on the demo account, and then conduct the actual transaction.

Hurry. Even when choosing a strategy and understanding its mechanism, many entrepreneurs often make a very serious mistake: to rush. Having seen two of the three parameters described in the strategy, they signed the deal. Then lost money. It is important to comply with the requirements and follow the money management rules!

Another mistake is doubt. Businessmen have gathered all the parameters but afraid to sign the transaction. So, either lose the opportunity, or sign the transaction too late when the quotes have changed.

Perhaps the most common problem – it’s emotional. After a few successful transactions, many new entrepreneurs (and even more experienced entrepreneurs) have lost consciousness and have begun to sign deals based on intuition. Always control yourself!

On the Internet you can meet people who promise to help make your account “swell” like a mountain that only collects about 5% of income. Just give them the login name and password of your personal account. “Boiling up” accounts, maybe they do, but you will not see those coins. Never give your personal account passwords to third parties and protect your account in the long run. In the record of your e-mail and phone number, then all transactions will take place with your consent.

I hope that through this article, these new people can see what mistakes they are making and from that experience to relatives.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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