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No Discipline What You Need To Keep In Mind When Trading On Binomo Floors

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Hello guys. I write this article not for the purpose of affecting psychology to anyone. I just want to share my bloody experience for you new trade or about to start ..

This article does not apply to those who are too fortunate and talented. Load $ 10 to $ 1000 in 24 hours. I’m sorry for you. Hihi

Last night I just burned a $ 320 account. Load 120 dollars, withdraw to $ 40. Total 80 losses and 220 profit.

1. The signal is too beautiful so confident in the command 50 dollars to make a profit. But lose. Then remove the gauze to beat 150. Again lose .. cay. Hit 120 more. Nearly lost 5m50 line …

Lesson :
+ Although the signal should not be too good news that too large command compared to the account. Bigger than a few.
+ When losing big order, return to small order. Absolutely not so gaunt to remove gauze. Ko martingale. Death died on the day, back to the pig trough.

2. em trade during the tired, the mind is so engrossed as to play games like. Fuck it.

Lesson: Feeling tired, resting. He can embrace his wife, husband, or do something to make the beast greed it does not control.

3. You set a target of $ 30 a day. And 3 consecutive days reached the target. Day 4 is not reached. Try to eat X’I to hit. And finally eat bran.

Lesson :
+ Have not reached the target, the rate of loss is too high off. Another day after. Heroes revenge 10 years not late.

4. His method of fighting is quite good, and practically profitable 4 days. Burns are only due to poor capital and emotional management.

Lesson :
+ Method does not decide all. That is only a tiny bit. Managing new capital and emotions is important.

P / s:
– The paper is a long but a lesson in the blood of her 4 days trade. I know you are nothing compared to the older brother in gruop. But I still want to share to make the community better.
– I LOVE FAIL but I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. I will continue to invest. Quitting is failing right no brother.

THANK YOU for listening. I need a word of encouragement and sharing from you.




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Wish you are a successful investor!

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