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You need to know the types of accounts on the Binomo trading platform

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Binomo offers you 4 types of accounts. Choose the kind of assets that are easy to manage and get the best service. Accounts vary by deposit amount and will have different preferences for account holders.

You can choose one of 4 types of Binomo account:
Demo account: free
Account Demo – Real account simulation, is a great tool for training before real trading.

  • It’s a great way to try out all the features of the program without actually recharging
  • At any time, they can be loaded into the virtual currency Demo account of $ 1000, € 1000 or 50,000 rubles
  • Access to all of Binomo’s full features to learn about asset classes, work tools, and practice different tactics.
  • Practice the management of money related transactions
  • The best start for new trades
Standard: From $ 10
Standard accounts are for experienced traders, which provide full functionality of the trading platform.
  • Allows access to the most popular financial assets with fixed income up to 85%
  • Can create a transaction with only $ 1
  • Participate in rounds
  • Unlimited deposit
  • You can withdraw within 3 working days
  • There are many bonus programs for new customers as well as traders who have been trading when depositing money into their accounts
  • Technical support for all users
GOLD: From $ 500
For “Gold” account holders, in addition to standard services, we also offer a variety of incentives. They help trader to increase potential income.
  • Expand the list of tradable assets
  • Speed up the withdrawal time to 24 hours
  • Income from property can be up to 86%
  • Increase the bonus per charge
  • Insurance of bonus investments
  • Be advised on any issues that arise during the transaction with the management
  • Support analysis by a variety of trading strategies available by experts.
  • Weekly cashback (cashback) 5% of the real amount
  • VIP: From $ 1000

For large investment deposits we offer our services under a separate scheme and have exclusive trading terms.

  • Our VIP clients can receive up to 100%
  • Fixed income from property can reach 87%
  • Withdraw profit within no more than 4 hours
  • The most complete list of accessible assets
  • Insurance for real money investments
  • Support online analysis via Skype
  • There are also a range of exclusive options available only to VIP customers.
  • Weekly cashback (cashback) 10% of the real money


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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