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Do you know the choice of binary and turbo: different in what point?

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Choice of binary and turbo: different in what point?

  • Binary options on the Binomo platform have an expiry time of between 5 and 60 minutes (time from completion to completion of the transaction)
  • The expiration time for turbo options is 31 seconds
    to 5 minutes

What kind of options should I choose?
This depends on the size of your transaction.

If you trade in a narrow time frame, then price fluctuations are short-term nature, then you should use turbo options with short expiration periods.

If the broader timeframes are your strengths, select the binary options normally for 5 minutes.

Every transaction requires a balanced approach and strategy developed on a demo account. For turbo options, an example of a suitable strategy is strategy. Racer For binary options, you can use the “Three Elder Chains” strategy.

Try binary options and turbo right now to find out which one works better for you!


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