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Receipt of money from the Binomo trading platform

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There is now a lot of information that Binomo is scammed for not paying for the membership. So this article I would like to provide proof of receipt of money of various members are trading on Binomo.

Proof of your friend Truong Luan

“For everyone not to withdraw:

Yesterday I loaded $ 500 (no bonus), hit $ 585.9 to try to withdraw $ 84. After 2 hours money on VCB.
Then I hit up to 1k4 but in the evening market jumped too, and I did not manage to lose emotions to $ 476.
If you have a few hundred dollars or some k $, then do not know. If the trade is up to a hundred or several hundred dollars, I will post it to ae. ”

Evidence of you An Nhien

Your proof 재석 김

“These are the transactions to load and withdraw with Visa debit cards offline. The evidence for people to use binomo floor. You should remember to use the debit card of banks that function to receive money transferred through the visa card nhé. ”

Payment by Mai Tien Dat

“The results have been withdrawn and the doctor nhé!
Binomo transfers money to the account of e $ 30 when e puts the withdrawal order in the day!
– You should (use) VietComBank’s visa card. One bank account can add 2 different bank cards. Because Vietcombank is the first foreign bank in the top four banks in Vietnam (BIDV, Vietinbank, Vietcombank and Agribank).
– E has attached photos
– Siblings – who withdraw money should withdraw the day, little by little according to the target date, do not massively withdraw a large amount of money in a certain time – avoid having a doctor locked account suspected robots. ”

Causes of withdrawal are not received, there are both subjective and objective reasons, so you need to thoroughly understand the rules of Binomo nhé.

Update some of the latest withdrawal evidence from Binomo




Any questions please feel free to comment below.



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Wish you are a successful investor!

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