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Binary Option is a two-blade knife. Be careful when dealing

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Binary Option is a very useful two-blade knife, very fast and also very fast, account burning in 30s is normal, I suggest you write a little responsible brother. There are some you share the strategy called Double Up (x2 money order after losing). This game will make many brothers burned account, I have lost more than ten consecutive times in a row, you can calculate the final amount in 10 times if the first $ 1 and to profit with payout 80 % After 10 times will be a terrible number, only because of interest from $ 1 to $ 10 that lost a terrible number of friends. Never think you can not lose 10-20 times, because there are lightning strikes do not die anymoreà.

This is a very fast path if you do not have the knowledge (so much knowledge and experience). If you just read, you have to practice, you have to lose, burn, be fragile with the things you lost. take it easy(*). The rules are mentioned, the only learning theory, you have to change, have to change blood, straightforward is the greedy human blood to make easy money and blood gambling, must change to become Work, the sentence is simple but few people do, it is a process.

Greed, lose patience only die; Who do not come in please do not ever, do not ever play with this Binary Option. Be honest, want to succeed you have to go bankrupt, do not? Not once, but repeatedly until there is nothing left, so that no one is around. Ai asks me how to play myself saying that too. Rule is just a rule, not change the nature. , do not expect success

If you want to succeed in this market, change …

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