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What is a Binary Option? What is binary options?

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What is binary options? Imagine simple but not simple. How to understand it here? Learn the most basic knowledge and practical application to have the best knowledge about this type of investment offline!

The concept of binary choice
The choice of binary options in English is based on the theory as follows: “Binary options are a type of investment chosen by many financial investors by the simple, easy to start with the spirit. It helps protect capital and increase return on investment. ”

However, you can easily understand the following:

Binary options are the right to choose one of two possible outcomes that will help you win or lose based on an estimate of potential assets over a given period of time on some financial investment.

Add an example for you to understand

At 21:00 you update the dollar price is 22.000 VND, according to research, analysis and experience you realize that the price of dollars can rise at about 23h. You decide to buy binary for 22.000VNĐ is 200 USD. Expiration of 23h, if the dollar price increases you receive $ 100 and if you lost the cost of paying for that original choice.

Note: Your profit margin is $ 100 minus the cost of choice!

Through the concept and specific examples, we also imagine the advantages and disadvantages of binary options right? But let’s analyze more in detail!

Advantages of Binary Choice

1 – One of the advantages for financial investors is that the binary option is extremely profitable, extremely fast but extremely safe as it anticipates losses. By calculating you can earn 70% or more with the original amount spent within minutes. Besides, you only have to pay for the transaction fee. The risk management function will help you know how much money you will lose. It is possible to compare binary options to eat and lose also does not affect the financial.

2 – Simplicity and ease: You simply choose the amount of money you want to invest, choose the time, and navigate UP – DOWN and do not need to do anything else, all you need is to wait for your money back.

3 – Feeling excited new play: Binary choice is considered one of the new forms of investment in Vietnam so it can bring a new feeling, full of excitement for players, bronze. The time to train a light thinking, creative, dynamic and market analysis extremely sharp.
Binary options are considered to be a new form of investing for the less fortunate, which offers life-changing opportunities for many investors. However, to get started you should still be thorough and careful to avoid mistakes. You should focus on one type of asset where you have the strength, focus on the basic type of option, always pay close attention to and monitor financial news related to USD, EUR, European countries to have a proper judgment, strategy.

Of course, do not forget to try the demos to find out what your potential is, be careful! With the right to choose binary is not lucky – risk, black or red that is the process of thinking and analysis, make money full of wisdom.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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