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How to play Binomo How to have a good trading psychology

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Professional dealer on Binomo Toni Turner called embarrassed as the enemy of the trader. This is a situation that every trader encounters: whether professional or new to enter the profession. When your trading mood is not good, you can not control the situation, do not know what to do and feel like you are the worst trader in the world.

To avoid this, follow these simple rules:
Deal with small amounts: 2-3% of your account. If you are a beginner, 1% is fine. Even if you make a mistake (and this can happen to anyone), you will not lose much.
Traded under an asset. Simultaneous transactions on multiple properties will cause distractions.
Do you feel insecure? Please use a test account. Deal with that account until you understand the market movements.
Deal with a strategy. If you depend on 2-3 strategies, you may be confused. So study and only trade with one strategy until you learn to understand the signals immediately.
Carefully research the trading platform and its capabilities. For example, do you know that Binomo has hotkeys for instant transits? Please enable these buttons on the right side of the screen (just below the ADD and DOWN buttons). And every day there is an increase in profits on one of the properties, free contests with valuable prizes, and transaction history on the left menu.



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Wish you are a successful investor!

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