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How to play Binomo Share how to play Binomo with the highest profit P2

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Hello friends. I have just read a good share of how to play Binomo help you have a high rate of winning a friend on the Binomo Group. I would like to post back to this blog Binomo Vietnam for you to refer to offline. The specific use of sharing is as follows.

I have this method shared with ae the same reference and discussed what is and is applicable for a long time because I found this pp is easy to root and win ratio is quite high:

The first order when we play should be placed small to probe and test your judgment with the market fluctuations.
Concentration and good control of their behavior (eating red or excessive loss of $ / € put on a set to remove the gauze is fast die.
We should play with the candlestick chart, choose time 5s only.
Look at the red green up and down that command:
+ If the red color is high (over 70%), set green and vice versa. This should be noted that we should set orders when the time allowed to set fluctuations from 2s to 7s only to avoid placing sooner will be market conditions change we measure
When we place orders if we feel that we are wrong or wrong, then pull a reverse order against the old order to preserve risk or lose less or eat less but firmly.
+ AE note that when the percentage is at the threshold of 50% => 70%, the chart can change from green to red, so k so hurry because no j is sure 30 is not yet that ??? So sit and watch again and again.
With the variations of the candlestick charts we should sometimes put a little bit of a feeling, rather than rigidly following a rule based on the% I mentioned above because your market should understand that it has momentum. It is either up or down, based on the previous 10p history that the base.
When you aim for a little less then out to make a cfe for sober and to preserve the TK with relax mind but k should be swept into it because if you put the command line, you will go fast .
If TK up to 3 numbers then withdraw to TK to heal and play the stork up again.
The above are all my pp, I dropped out of school fees and tinkering to find out who lost their money. I honestly go up from the first € 10 and win a lot, get back to BK 300 € then my friends. Ae go research and learn more about the share! If you see ok then do not be too rigid to follow my instructions but die! Ace shares more experience, the whole family doing well!


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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