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How to play Binomo tactics 3 guy soldiers

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“Gravestone” Doji: An example of successful trading
Doji is a “flat” candlestick, in which the opening price equals the closing price. “Gravestone” Doji is a candlestick in which the opening price is equal to the closing price and has the upper shade. When this candlestick appears, it is usually a sign that the trend will reverse or end the correction period.

Here is an example:

What do you find?

  • The market has a strong upward trend. Hence, it is better for you to trade UP.
  • There is a small adjustment, near the end of this adjustment is a “gravestone” – a short red candlestick with long shadows and no lower shadow.
  • Soon after, the “Three Soldiers” candlestick appears – this is another sign that you will make a successful trading UP!

Can you see everything as depicted in the picture? If so, look for candlesticks to trade now!


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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