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How to play Binomo Potato tactics using Bollinger bands and RSI

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I see this is a great strategy to be shared by you Trump Card Group Binomo Vietnam. I would like to share up here for you to follow me.

Hello, I am new trade a week on Binomo after the lump sum money or not? And finally I decided to $ 10 trade, now I have $ 39. And just a few doctors asked me to trade, I do not hand inbox, share up here for brothers to discuss. As pictured below with the symbol shown in the picture, you temporarily divided into 3 areas: 1,2 and 3.

Bollinger bands and RSI on Binomo

1. Area 1, temporarily referred to as a potato chart, after several trades with a $ 1 bet, if the chart tends to shape the tubers as shown in the figure Ok, look at the RSI, the chart above or below the pattern is either up or down, depending on where the current price is in which direction it is.
2. Look at area 1, as soon as it jumps to the lowest or near bottom level, the doctor selects the increase if it is below and vice versa when it is on the top because it either goes up or down to form a knot Smaller, I have observed
3. Look at the red and white lines of the MAC, which are upside down from the vertical axis of about 90 degrees, down to 60 degrees, it will surely go down straight and back up straight.
Ps, Also I’m not 100% sure but it also depends on the trade time, sometimes it fluctuates too bad this is bad, its time frame is not shaky, up is going down and down is right Up to a limit of 30-70 or (20-80) depending on who chooses and installs. I hope you have ideas or something to share



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