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How to Play Binomo Support and Resistance

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How to make the most accurate predictions of reversing prices on Binomo? Use support and resistance levels!

Step 1
Open the price list chart. You will see the price (of any property) move up or down. Notice the top and bottom points of movement:

Step 2
Select the Horizontal tool at the bottom of the platform and draw a path through all the points where the price changes (pops up or down) double or higher:

The price that rebounds in the DOWN direction is called the resistance level. If price is ON, that is support level.

When prices reach one of the two levels, it is highly likely that it will reverse.
The more often the price rebounded from one level, the stronger the level and the more difficult the listing price.




We recommend buying BUYING when the price reaches the support level and making a reversal.



We recommend buying the SELL option when the price touches the resistance and making a reversal.



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