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How to play Binomo All you need to know about the Moving Average (MA)

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What is a Moving Average?
Average Moving Average (MA) is the average of prices calculated for a given period.

Why do we need to know this indicator?
The moving averages reflect upcoming price changes and help accurately predict the volatility of future quotes. The moving average represents the trend and price adjustment, and works perfectly well over any time frame.

However, the moving average alone can not help much for traders, especially beginners. To understand the signals of this index, almost in all cases, we all need another index (or another moving average in another period).

Some strategies use the Moving Average
The best way to understand the principles of the Dynamic Road is to practice. We recommend that you practice on demo accounts when using these strategies:

Butterfly bow. A well-known strategy in which the intersection of three moving averages is a sign of trading;

Breath of the Market. An excellent strategy that identifies the end point of the adjustment phase;


Racer. Trading with three indicators to make profit in 60 seconds.



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