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Make Transactions With Demo Accounts Before It Will Bring You New Opportunity!

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What is a demo account?
A demo account is an illustration of a real account, an ideal tool for practicing transactions before starting a real transaction. Trades by demo account have the same function as dealing with real account on Binomo. List prices and charts on the demo account are the same as on the real account. The difference is that for the demo account you do not need to deposit money into your account.

How useful is a demo account for beginners?
If you have never traded binary options (win / loss), try trading on a demo account. You will have the opportunity:

  • Understand how Binomo trading floors operate, and understand the functions;
  • Conducting risk-free transactions;
  • Improved management of capital transactions;
  • Prepare the official transaction on the real account.

Why do experienced traders need demo accounts?
To try all the opportunities that the trading floor brings without risk and without sending money – that’s the truth! A virtual account allows:

  • Thoroughly test any chosen strategy;
  • New asset trading practices;
  • Study the properties and tools of work.

Work with demo accounts with no limits. You can restore your virtual account balance to an initial amount of $ 1,000, € 1,000 or RUB 50,000 at any time with one click and it’s free.

Demo account is the ideal practice tool for real trading in the future. But working with a real account will allow you to experience the full dynamics of the market and the great excitement that any trader experiences!

After practicing on a demo account, we recommend starting real deals with small amounts and minimum risk. And after you have mastered your capabilities, you can return to virtual trading anytime to try out new features.

Do you have a profitable trading account?



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