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Discount code on the Binomo trading platform, the latest Binomo Coupon 2017

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Binomo Vietnam would like to send you the discount code Binomo with this code you will be up to 30% Bonus when recharge to account Binomo. This is a Binomo Coupon with expiry date until 2025 you guys.

Here is the amount of money you get 30% bonus when using code “3yZUgbvBpTAW“.

Some information about the Binomo Coupon

  1. The bonus is transferred to the customer’s trading account.
  2. The bonus value depends on the amount deposited by the Customer, or on the condition that the bonus amount is deposited into the Customer’s account.
  3. Customers may only receive bonus rewards for each promotion once, unless otherwise specified in the promotion.
  4. The bonus money credited to the client’s trading account is not the financial liability of the Company for the Customer.
  5. Bonus amounts in Customer’s trading account can only be withdrawn after Customer has completed the required transaction turnover from their account.
  6. The required transaction amount is the sum of the multiplied bonus with its leverage. Leverage bonuses are determined separately for each promotion. If the leverage is not stated in the promotion, it will be equal to 35 (for bonuses equal to or greater than 50% of the amount deposited, the leverage is 40).
  7. Bonus programs can limit the amount withdrawn. The maximum amount to be withdrawn from the bonus type, not the deposit, is sent to the email is 3000 rubles ($ 50 / €).
  8. Bonus programs may limit the validity period. Bonus types, not due to recharge, must be used within 5 days of bonus activation. After 5 days of activating the bonus you have not yet traded the required amount, the bonus will be canceled.
  9. Transactions with “no income” results (in the event that the strike price of the asset equals the closing price) is not included in the required transaction turnover completed by the Client.
  10. Refusal of the bonus or cancellation of it can only occur in the event of a lack of transaction on the account from the time the bonus amount is credited.
  11. Upon the expiration of the bonus period that has been credited under the promotion, they may be withdrawn from the client’s trading account.
  12. Bonus is canceled if your account balance is lower than the minimum acceptable for the transaction.

What is a bonus?
This is the amount that has been transferred to your trading account by Binomo to increase your trading potential. This amount is calculated according to the bonus or promotion programs conducted on the company’s website.

Bonuses may be credited to the trading account:

  • As the welcome bonus the first deposit into your trading account;
  • As a bonus for a second deposit into the account;
  • As payment under the transaction insurance system in accordance with the terms of insurance;
  • As an award for success in a competition conducted by Binomo.

The terms of the promotions and the amount of bonuses may vary according to the company’s current offerings.

Can withdraw money from the account?
You can withdraw bonuses. To be eligible to withdraw bonuses You must make a trade that is equal to the amount multiplied by the multiplier (usually equal to 35, however, the multiplier may vary, depending on the promotion’s conditions). bonus has been added).

The transaction volume is calculated from the time the bonus is credited to the trader’s account. All profits earned by a trader while using the bonus on his or her account will be considered owned by that person and may be withdrawn.

If the trader’s premium account has been added to the bonus without a deposit, he or she also has the right to withdraw both the bonus and the profit earned while using the bonus. In order to do so, the trader should usually make a trade that equals the bonus multiplied by 35. The bonus is 50% multiplied by 40.

You can get detailed information about the bonus and withdrawal conditions from your trading account from Binomo Customer Support.



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Wish you are a successful investor!

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