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Binomo trading platform? Binomo deal fraud?

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Binomo scam or reputation, if the fraud, they use what way? How to deal with fraud, it is not only the anxiety of new entrants into the field of creative trade. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an explorer, plotted for a new monetization plan should also find out this article.


What is Binomo?
What is Binomo? This is a simple transactional version that uses the binary option, which is the type of right that predicts whether a property will be expensive or cheap over a given period of time. If you make the right choice, you will receive interest immediately.

The advantage of joining this transaction is that you only need to spend about $ 10 and order matching can be done for only $ 1, extremely profitable up to 600%.

Nowadays, with the era of information technology development, online investment becomes more convenient and most of the information is easy to find, quickly create conditions for participants to learn and head. Properly profitable and easy. Besides, you can use the demo account to play the game, learn the experience before the official investment to reduce the risk.

Binomo scam or not?
Some information related to Binomo phishing is mainly due to not understand the rules of the game, do not analyze the exact situation leading to false-decision decisions and Binomo’s fraudulent conclusion.

In addition, the analysis, speculation about how Binomo fraud? Is also predicted by the following:

  • Web system error
  • Internet system error
  • Error due to banking system

View more posts: Some notes when recharge to Binomo to have some subjective error by yourself.

The transaction is out, the orders are not executed so can affect the interests of customers. Immediately those incidents were discovered by inexperienced customers Binomo fraud, Binomo not reliable anymore. Actually, these incidents are not related to Binomo’s professionalism but are just objective incidents that need sympathy and can be found on any reputable trading floor.

However, before concluding on Binomo, think again:

  • Binomo has been operating for 2 years in this field but is now recognized as the most innovative broker in the market thanks to the following factors:
  • At Binomo, trading guides, updated data, market opportunities and even high-quality training for referrals make even new entrants. feel easy, quickly get used to how to play, with the market and how to predict.
  • Therefore, the opinion that Binomo is most convenient for both experts as well as new traders started.
    Payment in 24h
  • All income, whether large or small, is made between 3-4 hours and at least 24h, especially ready for payment with a variety of cards: VISA, Union Pay and Master Card, Qiwi and us. system, Neteller, Yandex. WebMoney system
  • The information is handled quickly and thoroughly

The video compares two types of real accounts and Demo accounts when trading on Binomo


You can easily see that the two accounts are exactly the same. Up there is no use Binomo account Demo to customers.

Proof of payment from Binomo



So here we can give a definite answer to whether Binomo’s answer is fraudulent or not, but you can not ignore the common fraud tactics of fraudulent binary options such as: Get bonuses, big bonuses but you can not ruets money, questions related to credit cards, identity cards, unlicensed investors, phones and no real addresses … Learn more Some of the top scams to protect yourself yourself offline!


After reading this article you do not have a BINOMO account, please click on the register button below to create your account right now.

Join Binomo


Wish you are a successful investor!

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