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Binomo Trading Platform Which trading method is most effective ???

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This is very interesting and practical of the Hoang Minh Group on Binomo you refer to offline

Which binary option trading method is the most effective?
Recently I received a lot of questions around this topic, so I want to share some of my thoughts on this issue!
Actually this is a difficult issue and depends on the individual very much. Broadly speaking, if you compare classic binary options such as Price Action, Elliott Wave, each one has different strengths and weaknesses, different users. It is similar to my wife and wife who comrades who is more beautiful ??? type like that
Elliott waves, for example, are waves, with 3 waves each, or three waves, or Price Action, for market observers who need careful observation and can generate signals. It’s step by step. Tracking the price action will help identify the next possibility.
It is more understandable to give a martial artist a knife that can do a dozen times for a while, if you give me an atomic bomb, I do not know how to blow it up, how to The power of the atomic bomb is the most horrible now.
In binary options, we have to find the transaction method that is right for us. The right thing to do is to have experience. You “try” and see if it suits the motto of your trading or not. If you like simplicity, clean charts, choose Price Action. If you like “forecast, predict” choose Elliott.
Only you can answer what you like. And when you like, you should plow, dig deep to turn it into a profitable, effective method.
I will emphasize the method that will also have the words, at the hole. At the word, you will see it as a treasure, think you have a calligraphy, a martial arts damage. But at the hole, even the hole, you want to throw it into the trash, to learn the method comrades are showing on facebook, but forget that comrade also at the hole that at the hole Long comrades new show.Methods also need to verify you to see the suit with you. Please trade small ($ 1) when testing methods. At school, slowly, waiting to complete tu tuition to form a superman at that time to fight to make money not late.
And any method, you need to understand the market concept of that method. Avoid only applying the indicator on the 70’s for sale, under 30 buy that fires like a torch. Knowing the tools you use is a must do. This much you ignore, but just like to jump in the seat to eat cool gold bowl.
The last tip, use any method, but trade that method a lot, look up the result book and see the fit with the metric method. New money!



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Wish you are a successful investor!

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